Turning Point

TurningPoint 2008 - The industry's only Native PowerPoint® application built around the same principles that your users are already accustomed. As a Microsoft® partner, we ensure that use of this product will come easily to any existing PowerPoint® user. This partnership also allows us to easily integrate features of the software into other Microsoft® products such as Word® and Excel®. Available for PC and Mac.



TurningPoint Anywhere - TurningPoint Anywhere allows users to poll their audience directly over top of any software application. This includes popular software programs such as Keynote®, Adobe® PDF, SPSS®, Excel®, Word®, or the Internet as well as PowerPoint®. The software is incredibly easy to use and takes screen shots of the user's desktop with charts displayed. This software requires no installation and is available for PC and Mac.


results manager

Allows presenters to manage results stored in session files from Turning Technology software. Track participant performance and participation points, and determine cumulative scores.





ResponseCard RF - ResponseCard RF comes equipped with the ability to answer questions with up to 10 answer choices. It features a "user feedback" button that acts as a mechanism for students to figuratively "raise hands" or signal to the instructor some sort of misunderstanding. It is approximately the size of a credit card (length and width).



XR/RF Receiver (standard) - This flash drive sized receiver plugs in to any USB port and is capable of receiving up to 1000 simultaneous responses. The receiver operates on 82 different channels to avoid interference with other systems. It features a range of approximately 250 feet.



Blackboard Course Request

Create a new course, get students enrolled, copy an existing course, or delete old courses. Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions for explanation of the Blackboard course-naming convention.

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Echo360 Classroom is a special setup in certain classrooms on campus that enable professors to record their classroom lectures and automatically upload them into Blackboard. Echo360 also provides Personal Capture (PCAP) software that enables recording from the instructor's laptop anytime, anywhere.

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All requests for departmental website changes should be submitted through the Website Change Request Form.

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