Faculty Summer Workshops

Each summer after the spring semester has ended, the ITC holds a week long workshop for faculty to work on an individual project (or projects) involving instructional technology. They may want to create a personal web site, set up Blackboard courses for their classes or learn about the different programs and technologies available for their disposal at UTM. Regardless of the project, the ITC staff is on hand throughout the day to assist as needed.


Faculty Summer Workshop Participants

2012 2011 2010 2009 2008
Charles Bradshaw Bonnie Daniel Lynn Alexander Virginia Esch Ervine Briones
Sue Byrd Mary Geddie Nancy Buschhaus Sandra Koch Phil Davis
Jason Duggin Deborah Gibson Teresa Collard Jorge Lopez Kurt Gorman
Julie Hill Richard Robinson Brian Donavant Linda Luther Leslie LaChance
Linda Luther   Kurt Gorman Sandra Murray Lihong Li
Sarah McCormick   Neil Graves Neena Patterson Norm Lillegard
Amy McLean   Brian Johnson Cherry Watts Carmen Lopez
Michelle Merwin   Rhonda Jones   Jorge Lopez
Theresa Rushing   Daniel Pigg   Yelena Meadows
Nancy Sonleitner   Theresa Rushing   Mohammad Obadat
Dawn Wilkins   Donald Shaw   Bob Peckham
    Nancy Sonleitner   John Schommer
    Cindy West   Amy Simmons
    Janet Wilbert   Mark Simmons
        Philip Smartt
        Gwendolyn Tomlin
        Jenna Wright

Blackboard Course Request

Create a new course, get students enrolled, copy an existing course, or delete old courses. Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions for explanation of the Blackboard course-naming convention.

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Echo360 Classroom is a special setup in certain classrooms on campus that enable professors to record their classroom lectures and automatically upload them into Blackboard. Echo360 also provides Personal Capture (PCAP) software that enables recording from the instructor's laptop anytime, anywhere.

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Website Change Request

All requests for departmental website changes should be submitted through the Website Change Request Form.

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