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Garen Shrader's art display

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There is a distinct southern flavor to the storytelling artist Garen Shrader portrays in his work that is proof of absorbing the influences of his surroundings. Also evident is an ease of working with his chosen materials, demonstrating a hard-earned skill and familiarity. His lush and layered surfaces become a backdrop for scenes including Garen’s favorite icons, for example, the Marlboro man, Elvis and Evel Knievel. Like many other painters, he often uses historical references from other artists that influenced the embracing of his own unique style. Garen believes painters have painted the same basic three things, as far as subject matter, from the beginning. Their surroundings, their heros and their women, or men, whatever the case may be. He sees himself continuing along the same path as these painters, telling his story. Shrader’s paintings, “The Cowboy” and “Selene and the Marlboro man at the Rockery” are pictured above. An Oklahoma City native, Garen Shrader has exhibited throughout the Mid-South and in New York City.