Takasaki City University of Economics (TCUE)

427A Humanities Building

Martin, TN 38238


(731) 881-7484


Kyoko Hammond

Takasaki City University of Economics (TCUE)

Students can take Japanese language courses (12 credit hours) and also economics (2 or 4 credit hours).


Since we are official partners, UTM students do not have to pay the tuition to TCUE. Students pay their tuition to UTM as they usually do.


Students are eligible to apply for UTM scholarships and often for a Japanese government scholarship.



Lisa's Study Abroad Experience


"What did a study abroad trip to Japan mean for me? In a word, opportunities. Hiroshima, Japan was the best opportunity for me, because it allowed me to study the language and culture first hand. Traveling to Hiroshima was a paving stone on the path to my future and I would not trade the time I spent in Japan for anything."

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