Database of the Month




SportDISCUS is a database that includes a wide variety of resources relating to sports and sports medicine. This database includes over 670 full-text journals, including access to Clinical Rehabilitation, Journal of Athletic Training, and Soccer Journal. Also included in this database are books and conference proceedings. Some of the subjects covered in this database are coaching and education, consumer health, and physical therapy.

To begin searching: Click on the EBSCOhost Web link. On the next page, please select SportDISCUS from the Trial Database section. You will then be allowed to search for topics of interest using keyword searching. You can also limit your search by clicking the boxes listed in the Search Options box. When you have finished all your option selections, click on the green search box. Results will be displayed. You then can scroll through to view the results. When you select an article to read, click on the title of the article. You will then see the publication information for the article, including an abstract. To read the full text of the article, look on the left hand side of the screen to see if you can read it in HTML or PDF formats. Click on the icons on the left hand side of the screen to read the complete article.

Trial Period: 8/10/16 – 9/24/16

Please send questions or comments about this database to Heidi Busch or call 731-881-3078.