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New Museum Exhibit Opening Soon



Straight from the Land of the Rising Sun comes a rising new photographic experience soon to be showcased in the J. Houston Gordon Museum in the Paul Meek Library. Lane Last, assistant professor of art, took a sabbatical for research to Japan and came back with priceless images via his camera that will soon be available for library patron viewing. Last took a trip to Hirosaki City – location of UT Martin’s sister university -- and photographed primarily stone images that will make up the exhibit entitled, “Stones Between Earth and Sky”. Besides containing photos that line the walls of the museum, there are two sets of stereoscopic slides for visitors to enjoy. The stereoscope itself was designed by Brian May, who not only has a PhD in astrophysics, but also plays lead guitar for the legendary rock band Queen. Last’s exhibits have been shown regionally, nationally and internationally for 15 years in the United Kingdom, Korea and Japan in addition to the United States. “These works have a living presence and interplay among the purely visual elements of color, form, motion and illusionary space creating a powerful and engaging experience of vision,” Last explained. Stay tuned for the opening of the exhibit, which will be decided soon and until then, Sayonara.