Internet Resources





Climate Change
Click on Regional Climate Information

Environmental Protection Agency
Search under the topic of your choice and then look at the publications listed for that division of the EPA. Many will be available online.

National Center for Environmental Research
Resources to research in exposure, effects, risk assessment, and much more.

National Weather Service

NIOSH Current Intelligence Bulletins
Information about specific chemicals and various occupational hazards. Scroll down the page once you get to the site to see a list of links to specific chemicals and hazards.

Open Net
Contains many fulltext declassified documents on early nuclear weapons testing, human radiation experiments and health and environmental safety issues.

Pest Facts Information Center
Pesticide information

Temperature and Precipitation Data

Toxic Release Inventory
Search by industry, area or facility to find the chemicals being released.

Water Quality Report

Water Resources of the United States

Where You Live
Information from the EPA on environmental information in specific communities