Internet Resources




For the Kids

Adoption Clubhouse
Adoptive kids-oriented interactive site

ALA Great Web Site for Kids

Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids

Congress for Kids
Interactive site about U.S. Congress

Earthquakes for Kids

FedStats Kid's Page

Hot Topics: Coloring Books
Includes activity books. Could be used for classroom activities.

International Digital Children Library
Digital books from various cultures and languages

A great site for the youngsters.

Marc's Observatory
Facts, games, and animation to make exploration of the universe a fun learning experience

Math Playground
Math-related activities, games, puzzles for elementary and middle school kids

My First Garden
Kids' guide to gardening; in English and Spanish

Savings Quest
Interactive game on managing the money

Science Bob
Teaching science through experiments; Ask Bob; links to other sites

The Mint
Site to help kids become money-smart

Learn about environmental concerns and toxic chemicals in your neighborhood

United Nations Cyberschoolbus
Learn about nations of the world