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Politics and Government

American Presidency
Includes "Public Papers of the Presidents" from 1929 to current.

C-SPAN Online

Addresses of government officials and and information on current bills with links to show how your congressmen voted.

Congressional Biographical Directory

Contacting Congress (& Other U.S. policymakers)
Call, e-mail, or mail U.S. state and federal elected officials and government agencies.

Contacting the Congress
For e-mail addresses for your congressman.

Democratic Party Online
The Democratic viewpoint.

Covers what is happening in Congress that day with an archives that goes back to the previous year.

Governor E-Mail Addresses
Contact Your State Governor

House of Representatives Web Sites

Jurist Presidential Pardons Feature
Goes all the way back to Washington.

National Governors' Association
Information on all of the governors.

Plum Book
For paying positions in the government with the type of appointment and the level of pay included.

Political Moneyline:
Who gave what to which Federal Candidate when?

From CNN news.
Links to information on the various parties, political issues, etc.

Presidential Clemency Actions (1945-2001)

Presidential Pardons

Includes biographical information and speeches.

Presidents of the United States

Public Papers of the President
With search capability.

Republican National Committee
The Republican viewpoint.

Roll Call Online:
The Newspaper of Capitol Hill.

U.S. Citizenship
A fun test to take.

U.S. Legislative Information Sources on the Internet

United States Senate
From CNN news.