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State Sources

50 States and Capitals

American Factfinder
For statistics from the 2000 census for individual states.

Community Information by Zip Code

County and City Data Book
Statistics from the Census Bureau from 1994 to current

County Business Patterns
State by state information for 1993-2000

County-Level Poverty Rates (various states)

Compare the cost of living to 399 U.S. job markets.

FDIC State Profile
For an economic profile of any state.

Government Gateway: State and Local Employees
An interagency approach to government--includes a link to current issues.

Historic Census Information
This covers 1790 to 1960 states and counties and includes both population and economic and social aspects depending on the census. Be sure to wait long enough for the information to appear at the bottom of the screen.

Kids Count Online

Life Style Optimizer
Make a list of the 10 or 20 best cities for you to live in by selecting characteristic and restrictions to fit your life style.

Population Data for States

Population Estimates
By county in a state, largest counties, fastest growing counties...

Public Library Toolkit
Links for information to be used in legal research. Click on the state to find links for individual states.

State and County Quick Facts

State and Local Government on the Net
Another source for states and cities.

State Government Information Index
Click on the state of your choice to get links to the government and to tourism links for that state.

State Population Projections to 2025

State Statutes and Legislation
A source for state news.

U.S. Earthquake Information by State

USA City Links
Search by state to find information on many cities in the United States.

USA Counties 1998
Statistical Information for individual counties.