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War on Terrorism

War on Terrorism

911 Commission Final Report
The final report generated by the 911 commission.

America's War Against Terrorism
Links to information on the September attack, previous attacks, other countries, background research and related web pages. Some links are to foreign sources.

Attack on America (From Global
Links include one to an "Afghanistan Military Guide", and one on the "Art of War.

Attack on America: Osama bin Laden, the Taliban and Terrorism
From the Joyner Library at East Carolina University. Many links.

Countering the Changing Threat of International Terrorism:
The official report of the National Commission on Terrorism

The official site for the Department of Defense.

Find Law--Special Coverage: Iraq Aftermath

GAO Reports on Terrorism
GAO reports on Terrorism and on Airport Security. Search under your topic.

Iraq Coalition Casualty Count
Links to Iraq & Afghanistan Coalition Military Fatalities During the "Operation Iraqi Freedom" & "Operation Enduring Freedom/Afghanistan" Campaigns.

Iraq War Debate 2002/2006

Office of Homeland Security

State Department Publications on Terrorism
Includes Foreign Terrorist Organizations Designations, Patterns of Global Terrorism, Significant Incidents of Political Violence Against Americans and various fact sheets under "Fighting Terrorism"

Terrorism and Attacks on the United States
An excellent bibliography with many links.

Terrorism: A Select Guide to Information
News events, Background information, Terrorism in the United States, Disaster Assistance, and Information on Chemical and Biological Terrorism. From the University of Buffalo library.

Terrorism: Background and Threat Assessment
Also from the Federation of American Intelligence Resource Program. Contains numerous links.

Terrorism: Near Eastern Groups and State Sponsors
2001 (CRS Report).

The Taleban (the Seekers)
From the Federation of American Scientists Intelligence Resource Program.

The War on Terrorism: Saddam Hussain and Iraq
An excellent source for many links on the subject.