Library News

New in the Library - Young Adult Books



A goal that has been a long time in the making has now come to fruition in the Paul Meek Library’s juvenile section of books.

Through requests and suggestions from patrons and library staff members, another subsection within the juvenile section of books has been created for young adult books. These are books for high-school through early college ages. They include stories and subjects dealing with coming of age and rites of passage situations that may contain material verging on being unsuitable for younger ages.

Initially, staff members analyzed books located in the regular juvenile section and librarians made the decision whether or not to move the books into the new young adult section. Additionally, to grow the section, more books were ordered. As a result, the section now takes up an entire range and is located between the regular juvenile section and the government documents section.

Books in the young adult section are denoted by a JUV YA prefix printed before the call number. They are now available for checking out and requests are welcome.