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Statista - Database of the Month for December



From locating the country with the highest consumption of wine to seeing how many home runs the Houston Astros averaged in a game last season, Statista can shoot out the numbers for almost anything and that’s why it has been named November’s Database of the Month Statista is, quite simply, a database of statistics. It provides the numbers for all topics from agriculture to business to sports and it does so through forecasts, market analyses, studies, dossiers and infographics. All any person need do is type most any subject into the search box and the database produces the results. Upon finding a desired search topic, the user can even search within the category as an added measure and to be more specific with the results. “I like the infographics,” Heidi Busch, electronic resources librarian, commented. “When the information comes up correctly, it is citable and you can embed the charts into your research with an added URL. It’s useful information that provides you with that extra information that could make or break your paper.”

If you have any questions about this database please contact one of our Reference Librarians by chat, email or by calling the Information Desk at 731-881-7065