Standard Citation Style

As more information becomes available in electronic formats, the style manuals have begun to show basic examples of how to cite these sources. Below are examples of the three major "styles" for citing electronic resources. The different FORMATS can include: CD-ROM, ON-LINE, WEB page, MAILING List, TELNET site, etc. When accessing Internet resources, be sure to WRITE DOWN the URL (uniform resource locator; usually will start with http://www....). When printing, the URL may not print out and at a later date you may not be able to find the location to cite the information.


All Internet examples provide the information to Web sites which give more detailed examples of citing electronic resources.


MLA (Modern Language Association) Style:

Walker, Janice R. MLA-Style Citations of Electronic Sources. 
   Sept. 17, 1996

Chicago Style:

Becklehimer, Jeff. How do you cite URL's in a bibliography?
     [web page] August 26, 1994; 
     [Accessed September 17, 1996].

APA (American Psychological Association) Style:

Land, T. (1996, March 31). Web Extension to American Psychological 
Association Style (WEPAS) (Rev.1.2.4) [WWW Document]. URL


The MLA Style Manual.
Call #: PN147 1985 (Reference)
This style manual does not have the current information on citing electronic resources.

The Chicago Manual of Style.
Call #: Z253.U69 1993 (Reference)
Pages 632-634 cover citing electronic resources.

Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association.
Call #: BF76.7.P83 1994 (Reference)
Pages 218-222 cover citing electronic resources.

Electronic Styles: A Handbook for Citing Electronic Information.
Call #: PN171.f56.l5 1996 (Reference)
A basic guide to citing electronic sources. Often conforms to the APA style.