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Mathematics and Statistics Course Syllabi


The Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Tennessee at Martin approves departmental syllabi for each of its courses. Below, each of the course titles is linked to our syllabi. In lower division courses it is expected that faculty will follow the syllabi very closely because most of these courses are prerequisites for other courses (both inside and outside of the department).  See also the catalog descriptions of these courses.


Course Title (Credit hours) Term
Math100   Essentials in Algebra Part I (4) Fall 2014
Math110   Essentials in Algebra Part II (4) Spring 2015
Math130   The Nature of Mathematics (3) Fall 2011
Math140   College Algebra and Elementary Functions (3) Fall 2013
Math160   Calculus for Business and Life Sciences (3) Fall 2013
Math170   Trigonometry (3) Fall 2013
Math185   Precalculus (5) Fall 2013
Math191   Principles of Mathematics (3) Fall 2011
Math192   Principles of Mathematics (3) Spring 2009
Math192   Principles of Mathematics (3) Spring 2012
Math210   Elementary Statistics and Probability (3) Fall 2013
Math251   Calculus I (4) Fall 2011
Math252   Calculus II (4) Spring 2012
Math291   Special Topic in Mathematics ----- -------
Math310   Linear Algebra (3) Spring 2006
Math314   Foundations of Mathematics (3) Fall 2011
Math320   Multivariate Calculus (4) Fall 2012
Stat325   Statistical Methods (3) Fall 2007
Math330   Differential Equations (3) Fall 2004
Math340   Numerical Analysis (3) Fall 2004
Math350   Number Theory (3) Spring 2014
Stat365   Regression Analysis (3) Fall 2009
Stat375   Sampling Theory (3) Fall 2007
Stat385   Nonparametric Methods (3) Fall 2007
Math410   Geometry (3) Spring 2006
Math420   History of Mathematics (3) Fall 2004
Math430   Complex Varibles (3) Spring 2005
Math430   Complex Varibles (3) Spring 2013
Stat435   Categorical Data Analysis Fall 2007
Math451   Mathematical Modeling (3) Fall 2010
Stat455   Design of Experiments (3) Fall 2007
Stat461   Probability and Statistics I (3) Fall 2014
Stat462   Probability and Statistics II (3) Spring 2015
Stat465   Statistical Computing (3) Fall 2007
Math471   Abstract Algebra I (3) Fall 2012
Math472   Abstract Algebra II (3) Spring 2013
Math481   Real Analysis I (3) Fall 2009
Math482   Real Analysis II (3) Fall 2004
Math491-492   Special Topics (1-3) ----- -------
Stat491-492   Special Topics (1-3) Fall 2007
Math/Stat498-499   Undergraduate Research Experience I, II (2,1) Fall 2007
Math710   Selected Topics in Number Theory for Teachers (3) Fall 2009
Math720   Selected Topics in Algebra for Teachers (3) Fall 2009
Math730   Selected Topics in Geometry for Teachers (3) Fall 2009
Math740   Selected Topics in Applications of Mathematics for Teachers (3) Fall 2009
Math750   Selected Topics in Probability and Statistics for Teachers (3) Fall 2009


Some of the courses may have two syllabi (because most syllabi are approved before they become effective). Look at the effective dates to determine which syllabus to use.


Many of our courses are cross-listed at the graduate level.  The campus catalog states that courses taken for undergraduate credit may not be repeated for graduate credit.  A substantial amount of extra work is required of stuents that take these courses for graduate credit.



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