2003-2004 Annual Report


Mathematics Teachers of Tennessee - Northwest (MT2NW)


  • What are your Affiliate's three most outstanding accomplishments this year?

  • Members of MT2NW provided at least 15 sessions for the TMTA Fall meeting in September of 2003.

    MT2NW sponsored our first Annual Fall Math Meet at Haywood County High School

    Planned a Spring Workshop for March 20, 2004

  • What are your Affiliate's three greatest strengths in pursuing its mission and goals?

  • TMTA has provided excellent leadership advice

    Experienced leadership

    Dedicated and hard working membership

    Involving new people in leadership positions

  • How do your Affiliate's activities and publications benefit its mission and goals?

  • By providing our membership opportunities for professional involvement in local, state and national mathematics workshops as presenters, committee members and committee chairpersons

    By becoming co-sponsors of the Middle Math Contest & Math Counts with the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at UTM

  • Report on the activities your Affiliate engaged in this past year that promote NCTM and membership. Report on the activities that your organization plans in this area for the next year.

  • Patty Flowers, our NCTM representative, maintains an NCTM booth at all local and state meetings and will continue this practice in the next year.

    In every newsletter published by MT2NW area teachers of mathematics are encouraged to become members of both NCTM and TMTA

  • Report on your community service projects for this past year and any plans you have for the next year (Student Affiliates only)Does not apply

  • NCTM values its relationship with Affiliates. Please tell us how we might improve the existing services or offer new services that would best support the important work of your Affiliate.

  • Continue to provide Regional meetings such as the one in Paducah . When held in a less urban setting, these meetings involve teachers that will never have the opportunity to become involved in NCTM National meetings. These are a true service to your membership rather than just fluff and show.


2003-04 Goals


Mathematics Teachers of Tennessee - Northwest (MT2NW)


Members of MT2NW will provide at least 8 and hopefully 15 sessions for the TMTA Fall meeting in September of 2004.

MT2NW will p lan a Spring Workshop for March 20, 2004 to provide 6hours of teacher in-service

MT2NW will include new members in projects and activities .

MT2NW will design and maintain a website.

MT2NW will write a mission statement.


Affiliate Meetings and Activities 2003-04




March 1: MT2NW Annual Spring Meeting - Jackson Christian School

September 26-27: TMTA Fall Meeting with MAC-O-TOM




February 20-21: TMTA Executive Committee Meeting

February 20-21: T 3 Meeting

March 20: MT2NW Annual Spring Meeting - Jackson Christian School

April 27: Regional Middle School Math Competitions

September 24-25: TMTA Fall Meeting with CAMTA ( Chattanooga State )

November 20 (tentative): MT2NW Fall Math Meet - Brownsville


Section 9. The Web Master shall maintain an accurate and current website for MT 2 NW. The Website shall promote the purpose and activities of the organization and provide professional information for educators.


MT2NW Officers - September, 2002 - September, 2004


President: Kathy Eskew

President-Elect: Eddie Keel

Secretary: Melanie Brown

Treasurer: Stephanie Kolitsch

NCTM Representative: Patty Flowers


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