Considering applying for the MBA? Did you know…

You have 2 options as to how you want to complete your MBA—but note: it’s the same MBA—you just have 2 choices as to how you want to complete your degree. Professors and course content are comparable across options. Likewise, learning goals do not differ across options.


You MUST declare which of the following 2 options you’d like to be considered for when you apply through Graduate Studies.


Hybrid option

(this option is the modern-day interpretation of a traditional in-class MBA).

  • Hybrid applicants do NOT have a minimum work experience requirement to apply.
  • Our class sizes in the Hybrid program range from 20-25.
  • “Hybrid” means that no less than 1/3 of your class will be face-to-face: you attend class 5 Saturdays throughout the semester (Fall and Spring and Summer). The rest of each course is completed online with the same professor and classmates.
  • We offer from 8-10 hours each semester (Fall, Spring and Summer) Hybrid.
  • Students can pick and choose what they want to take and when they take it. Students can take as little as 1 course per term.
  • There is a small chance that Hybrid students might be assigned to take an online course (e.g., Capstone course: MGT 790) is not offered every semester Hybrid, so if you want to graduate in a semester when it’s not being offered, we’ll place you in the online MGT 790. Same course, just faster—online courses are condensed and last 4-5 weeks each.
  • We enroll in the Hybrid option year-round: Fall, Spring or Summer.

Online option

  • Online applicants DO have a minimum work experience requirement to apply: 2 years post-bac work experience is required to be considered for the online option upon application.
  • Online applicants are admitted in a Cohort—a group of students that pace and complete the program together—cohorts are known to form effective work groups, study partners, and cultures which allow for effective course completion. The goal of the Cohort model is that those who are admitted together, graduate together.
  • Classes in the online option max at 20 students. The majority of professors teaching in the online option also teach in the Hybrid option.
  • Because we use a cohort model for the online option, we construct each cohort’s complete schedule—from beginning to end that will not change. So, planning trips, work, etc. is clearer and easier to understand. Also, we have designed the order and sequence of courses thoughtfully, considering prerequisite courses. Skipping courses or omitting courses is not allowed.
  • While some circumstances do call for deviations from the pre-set Cohort schedule, by and large, students stick to their schedule. Should unforeseen circumstances arise, we work with students to help them complete their degree—this might just mean joining another cohort for a class or two.
  • The online option course load is actually less than a full Hybrid load per term. Online students take 6-8 hours per semester. The BIG difference is in HOW your classes are taken: Online courses are taken ONE at a time, sequentially. 3 hour classes last approx. 4-5 weeks, while 4 hour classes last approx. 6-7 weeks. As an example, folks this term had MKTG 710 (4 hour course) from Jan. 12-Mar. 3, and will follow with BADM 705 (3 hour course) from Mar. 27-Apr 28.
  • We enroll 2 new cohorts total each year: (1) Spring (deadline for Spring start is late fall, typically early-mid December) and (2) Summer (deadline for Summer start is mid-April). We don’t start a cohort in the Fall. Students wishing to begin in the Fall would be assigned to grad courses as needed and then join the following Spring cohort.

The MBA degree from the UT Martin College of Business is one of the best values in graduate education. We offer outstanding value for the price.


Information on resident and non-resident fees and expenses can be found at the University of Tennesee at Martin Bursar's Office.


Financial Aid

A number of Graduate Assistantship positions exist. The positions are awarded on a competitive basis. Contact the Financial Aid for information on available financial aid and scholarships.


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