Online MBA Curriculum

The following courses in the 20-month cohort will be delivered sequentially:

  • Introductory Tools and Methods
  • Organizational Theory and Design
  • Corporate Financial Management
  • Legal and Ethical Environment of Business
  • Banking and Financial Services
  • Managerial Economics
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Accounting for Managerial Decisions
  • Sales and Marketing for Banks
  • Operations Management
  • Strategic Management and Business Policy


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Online MBA Sample 2-year Plan


January 8 (Tuesday) Begin MGMT 710
January 21 Holiday
March 1 (Friday) End MGMT 710
March 11 (Monday) Begin FIN 710
March 29-31 Holiday
May 4(Saturday) End FIN 710
May 28 (Tuesday) Begin BLAW 711
July 4 Holiday
July 5 (Friday) End BLAW 711
July 9 (Tuesday) Begin FIN 721: "Banking and Financial Services"
August 15 (Thursday) End FIN 721: "Banking and Financial Services"
August 20 (Tuesday) Begin ECON 710
September 2 Holiday
October 11 (Friday) End ECON 710
October 17 (Thursday) Begin MKTG 710
Nov. 27- Dec. 1 Holiday
December 12 (Thursday) End MKTG 710


January 7 (Tuesday) Begin ACCT 711
January 20 Holiday
February 28 End ACCT 711
March 12 (Tuesday) Begin Banking Topics II: "Sales and Marketing Research for Banks"
April 18-20 Holiday
April 21 End Banking Topics II: "Sales and Marketing Research for Banks"
April 24 (Thursday) Begin MGMT 790, Part I
April 30 (Wednesday) End MGTMT 790
May 20 (Tuesday) Begin MGMT 730
July 26 (Thursday) End MGMT 730
July 8 (Tuesday) Begin MGMT 790, Part II
August 7 (Thursday) End MGMT 790, Part II




Online MBA for Financial Services Professionals

Open to students in all fields, The Online MBA is geared toward the financial services industry, and may be of particular interest to professionals with a connection to, or interest in banking

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MBA Program

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) program offered through the College of Business and Global Affairs is open to anyone holding a bachelor's degree from a four-year college of university, regardless of undergraduate major.

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