Online MBA Flexibility

The Online MBA for Banking and Financial Services Professionals is totally online, which provides students with great flexibility. Access to a computer and the internet allows students to complete the required coursework wherever they are. No trips to campus are required, since all coursework is provided online.


Faculty use a variety of technology in the process of teaching the courses. For example, students may view and listen to recorded lectures and watch as faculty work through examples and problems. Discussion boards, email, virtual classrooms and virtual group meeting rooms are used by students for interacting with other students and faculty. Exams and other assignments are completed and submitted online. The UT Martin library provides students with online access to journal articles and a variety of other periodicals and materials.


All classes are taught exclusively by UT Martin faculty.

Online MBA for Financial Services Professionals

Open to students in all fields, The Online MBA is geared toward the financial services industry, and may be of particular interest to professionals with a connection to, or interest in banking

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MBA Program

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) program offered through the College of Business and Global Affairs is open to anyone holding a bachelor's degree from a four-year college of university, regardless of undergraduate major.

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