Steven E. Rogers Media Center


This library is a congressionally designated depository for U.S. Government documents.

10 Wayne Fisher Dr.

Martin, TN 38238

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(731) 881-7065

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Steven E. Rogers Media Center

Welcome to the Steven E. Rogers Media Center!

Finding a movie…..using a SmartBoard…..buying classroom supplies….editing video presentations…..borrowing puppets, posters, instructional aids….using a multimedia classroom…all can be done at the Media Center.


Located in Room 117 of the Paul Meek Library, the Media Center and Learning Resources Collection include: audio books and cassettes; DVDs and Blu-ray Discs; records, CD-ROMs; microfilm and microfiche; and juvenile instructional aids (kits, puppets, cards, etc.)


Media collection materials are mostly available for borrowing and can be located by searching the online library catalog. The collection includes both educational and entertainment items, supports the UTM curriculum, and is open to the public (borrowing restrictions may apply).


Media Center equipment/capabilities include:

  • Computer laptops and Kindles
  • Two multimedia classrooms capable of webcasting and projection
  • Two multimedia work stations with desktop graphic/production software
  • Viewing areas for specialized formats (DVDs, microformats, slides, etc.)
  • Classroom/Presentation equipment: camcorders and cameras; projectors; screens; portable lectern; and audio equipment
  • SmartBoard and other specialized equipment

The Media center also provides educational/instructional support with:

  • Ellison Dies –shape cutting machines for production of silhouettes, illustrations, and letters/numbers for use with reports, projects and bulletin boards
  • Laminating, binding, and color printing services
  • Educational/instructional supplies (bulletin board, construction and specialty paper; general school supplies; and poster board)

The entire Paul Meek Library is cash-free at its service points. Payments for services and supplies will require use of a Skyhawk Card – Silver or library-issued borrower’s card.


Media Center services and resources are available whenever the Library is open. For more information, call 881-7063 or e-mail: