Steven E. Rogers Media Center

Welcome to the Steven E. Rogers Media Center! Located in Room 117 on the first floor of the Paul Meek Library.


Need a study space…using a multimedia classroom or video production studio…editing video presentations…using a Smart Board/KAPP board…3D scans and prints…white board tables…finding a movie…


The Media Center is an area in the library that is interactive, tech-enabled, and adaptable to a variety of uses for collaborative engagement. Students, faculty and staff are provided with a wide variety of resources and technologies to be used for academic and personal projects.


Media Center equipment/capabilities include:

  • Computer laptops and chargers, iPads, headphones, multi-functional phone chargers, Kindles, wireless keyboards, mice, SD card readers, MacBook cables, laser pointers, Smartboard and Clear Touch accessories, individual white marker boards with markers, TI-84 calculators
  • Classroom/Presentation equipment: camcorders, cameras, GoPro’s, tripods, projectors and screens, portable PA system, and microphones, USB microphones, digital voice recorders
  • DVD portable players; regional portable player
  • 3D filament and resin printer; 3D scanner
  • Free fax machine
  • Two multimedia classrooms (rooms can be reserved for classes, study groups and meetings)
  • Two multimedia work stations with desktop graphic and software
  • Duplication Services- VHS,8mm, cassettes, USB, slides (Only original material will be copied)

Media center also provides educational/instructional support with:

  • Digital Cutters/Ellison Dies-shape cutting machines for production of silhouettes, illustrations, and letters/numbers for use with reports, projects and bulletin boards
  • Craft Accessories-scissors, rulers, scrapbook scissors, hot glue guns, paper cutters, markers and colored pencils
  • Educational/instructional supplies (bulletin board, construction and specialty paper; general school supplies; and poster board)
  • Laminating, binding, black and white and color printing services, and photo copying
  • Educational/instructional supplies-bulletin board, construction and specialty paper, borders, and poster board

The entire Paul Meek Library is cash-free at its service points. Payments for services and supplies will require use of a Skyhawk Card-Silver or library –issued borrower’s card.


Media Center services and resources are available whenever the Library is open. For more information, call 881-7063 or e-mail: