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Welcome to the official website of The University of Tennessee at Martin's Call Me MiSTER® program. I am Dr. Louis C. Glover. Originally from Monroe, Louisiana, I earned a bachelor's and master's degree in Chemistry from The University of Louisiana at Monroe, and Louisiana Tech University, respectively. I received my doctorate in Education from Texas A&M University-Commerce. For 23 years, I taught secondary science and mathematics in Louisiana and Texas. As someone who is deeply invested in this institution, I am pleased to take the challenge of helping lead a program as important as Call Me MiSTER®.

Education is perhaps the most powerful and transformative tool that we have at our disposal. My belief is that teachers can truly change the world through their daily interactions with the next generation of leaders within their classrooms. Years later, I can still remember the impact that certain teachers had not only upon my retention of the subject matter being taught but also upon my worldview. Unfortunately, there are very few instances where I had an instructor who resembled myself. Call Me MiSTER® exists to change that dynamic.

Given that Black and Hispanic males in particular account for a minuscule percentage of teachers nationwide, the mission of Call Me MiSTER® is imperative toward pushing a paradigm shift in how we see educators, the subjects they teach, and most importantly, the children being taught. I fully expect UT Martin's Call Me MiSTER® program to produce talented teachers who will become leaders for transformational change throughout school systems in the state of Tennessee.

Whether you're a future MiSTER, parent, potential donor or perhaps just curious to learn more, I'm happy that you're exploring our website. Thanks for your interest in our Call Me MiSTER® program and don't hesitate to contact my office to learn more.

Louis C. Glover, Ed.D.
Director of Call Me MiSTER®

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