Information Systems Major

The Department of Management, Marketing and Information Systems offers a wide range of information systems courses to support the B.S.B.A.  degree (Bachelor of Science in Business Administration) with a major in information systems. The Information Systems major is designed to prepare the student for careers working with today's and tomorrow's computer-based information systems. Students interested in designing and developing information systems should select the Management Information Systems Concentration, while students interested in developing and utilizing business communication skills associated with information systems should select the Business Communication Information Systems Concentration. Both concentrations build upon a foundation of computer literacy which emphasizes hands-on skills. These skills are practiced and polished in a network environment that encourages the collaborative problem solving approaches being used in modern organizations. 


Management Information Systems Concentration 

The Management Information Systems concentration is designed to prepare the student for organizational roles involving the design, development, and administration of information systems. Typical positions include systems analyst, programmer, network administrator, computer consultant, computer applications support specialist.


Four year plan of study


Business Communication and Information Systems Concentration

The Business Communication and Information Systems concentration stresses the integration of people, communication, and cutting-edge technology currently used in business and industry to facilitate the efficient flow of information in the business environment. Emphasis is placed on developing written and oral communication skills, computer application skills, and technology management strategies with a theme of professionalism in the workplace. Typical employment positions for graduates include documentation specialist, software support specialist, records manager, training specialist, business manager, office systems analyst, social media specialist, and executive or administrative support personnel.


Four year plan of study


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