Research Papers

Student Project or Thesis Title Project/Thesis Year
Max Carlton Seedhead Suppression of ‘Empire’ Zoysiagrass (Zoysia spp.) Using Plant Growth Regulators. Thesis 2015
Jeremy Spires A Survey to Examine Vulture Predation on Calves in Tennessee Project 2014
Adam M. Hopkins The Financial Benefits of Marketing Feeder Cattle Through the Use of Alternative Marketing and Group Sales Project 2014
Joshua Armentrout The Effects of Fertilizer on Burley Tobacco, Nicotiana tabacum Project 2014
Dennis Burns The Use of Crop Sensors and Variable Rate Technology for Precision Application of Nitrogen to Cotton Project 2014
Curtis W. Cochran Comparison of Corn Hybrids Grown at Several Locations in West Tennessee Project 2014
Leon Tillman Examining Conservation Spending for Working Land Programs Administered by the Natural Resources Conservation Service Between 2004 and 2013 Project 2013
David Olaleye Consumers’ Preferences for Snail Meat in the African Community of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Project 2013
Daniel Morris Price Relationships among Wholesale Ethanol, Wholesale Gasoline, and Retail Gasoline: A Study on Asymmetrical Pricing and Lag Relationships Thesis 2013
Ryan Jerrolds A Survey to Estimate Population Distribution of and Damage Caused by Feral Swine in Tennessee Project 2013
Darren Fizer Factors Affecting Career Choices of College Students Enrolled in Agriculture Project 2013
Benjamin Carlisle Feedstocks Used in Biodiesel Production that Influence Biodiesel Price Project 2013
Harlin Wilkin Identification of Locations with High Accident Frequencies
Involving Farm Equipment on Public Roads
and Similarities among those Locations
Thesis 2013
Nicholas Eledge A Comparison of Mulch Systems in an Educational Garden Project 2013
Kimberly Hall Implications of the 1996 Farm Bill on Cotton Acreage

Project 2013
Leslie A. Johnson Which Fly Spray isthe Best? Determining the Efficacy of Three Equine Fly Sprays
Project 2013
Mitchell K. Pigue Changes in Dissolved Oxygen, Ammonia, and Nitrate Levels in an Extended
Aeration Wastewater Treatment Facility When Converting From Counter
Current to Disc Diffuser Aeration
Project 2013
Melissa F. Urick A Survey of Tennessee State Park Rangers: Their Attitudes Toward and Participation in Wildlife Related Activities
Project 2013
Bryan F. Barnes A Comparison of Crimson Clover and Winter Wheat
as an Economical Wildlife Food Plot
Project 2012
Aiesha Clayton A Study of Human Lyme Disease in the
United States and in Tennessee
Project 2012
Rogelio Marchetti Evaluation of Four Treatments to Break Seed Dormancy
of Sunflower Inbreds
Project 2012
Eatedal Alqusaireen Comparison of Three Soil Erosion Control Treatments Project 2012
Drew McCrary An Assessment of Fish Production at Fish Hatcheries in East Tennessee Project 2012
Carol Rogers Meeman Shelby Forest State Park Equestrian Trails: Economically and Environmentally Sustainable Equestrian Trails Project 2012
April Tutor Effect of Soybean Planting Date in North and South Carolina on Advancing Soybean Varieties in Soybean Breeding Thesis 2012
John Bass Response of Eastern Bluebirds (Sialia sialis) to Artificial Nesting Boxes in Montgomery Bell State Park, Tennessee Project 2011
Rebecca Moses Growth performance of cows and calves on fescue pastures treated with ChaparralTM herbicide and effects of commercial implants on calf growth Project 2011
Dan Underwood A Case Study of Tracking Expenses by Commodity at Widget Farmers Cooperative Project 2011
William Lea Do Administrative Leadership Styles Affect Agricultural Education Teachers? Project 2011
Karen Sue Jackson Therapeutics for Prion Disease: Approaches with Lysine-based Compounds Thesis 2011
Doug Snider Knowledge and Attitudes of Tennessee Agriculture Education Teachers to Agri-tourism and Marketing Issues Project 2011
Justin D. Pope Stockpiling Forage Grasses for Winter Grazing in West Tennessee Project 2011
Mary Garmon Recovery of Streams in the Mill Creek Watershed of Davidson County from the May 2010 Flood using Escherichia coli as Indicator Bacteria Project 2010
William Oliver Barnes, Jr. Acreage Response of Southeastern Upland Cotton to Federal Policy in the Freedom to Farm Era Project 2010
Nathan Stamper Linear and Ultrasound Measurements in Crossbred Goats as a Predictor of Live and Hot Carcass Weights Project 2010
Chakeeb Hamra An Assessment of the Potential Profitability of Poultry Farms: A Broiler Farm Feasibility Case Study Project 2010
Helena Paxton Rabies in Tennessee: Regional Differences and Trends, 1999 - 2008 and Human Deaths from Rabies in the United States, 1950 - 2008 Project 2009
Eric Brady Development of an Urban Tree Inventory for the City of Crossville, Tennessee Project 2009
J. Brad Greenfield Carcass Trends in Beef Cattle Shown at the Clarksville Better Beef Show Project 2009
Dave J. Mallard Management of Glyphosate Resistant Palmer Amaranth in Liberty Link Soybeans Project 2009
Ben Rudy Knowledge and Attitudes of Tennessee Agriculture Education Teachers on Biotechnology Issues Project 2009
Mathew Hunter Evaluation of Herbicides for Control of White Clover in Athletic Turf Grass Project 2009
Tara Woods Effect of Fertilizer Source, Application Rate and Application Timing on Nitrate Accumulation in Bermudagrass.(PDF download) Project 2008
Kaleb Rathbone Effect of Nitrogen Rate and Cultivar on Burley Tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L.) Yield and Leaf Quality Thesis 2008
Deborah K. Joines Effect of Sulfur on Vaughn's #1 Bermudagrass Hay Yield and Forage Quality Thesis 2008
Jason Evitts Improved Establishment Methods for Native Warm Season Grasses Project 2008
John Stamey An Exploratory Study in Forecasting Rounds of Golf Project 2008
Shaun Jackson A Survey of Meat Goat Producers in Tennessee and Surrounding Areas. May 2007 (PDF download) Thesis 2007
Anne Nicks Evlauation of a Commercial Goat Abattoir in Tennessee Project 2006
Ben Neale Effects of Fertilizer Application and Cutting Interval on Nitrate Accumulation in Bermudagrass Project 2006
Jason Roesner Comparison of Costs and Benefits of Traditional Levee versus Low-Head Levee Impoundments for Waterfowl Hunting in Tennneesse: A Case Study Project 2006
Clint Bain The Effect of Different Seeding Rates on Soybean Yield Project 2005
Frank Yancey Middle Tennessee Cattle Producers' Perception of the National Livestock Identification Program Project 2005
Jeffrey Smith Correlation of Pelvic Shape and Birth Weight EPDs in Reducing Dystocia in Beef Cattle Project 2005
Jessica Crews An Evaluation of the Establishment of See Propagated Bermudagrass Varietie3s for use in Horse Exercise Areas Project 2005
Jeremy West Soil Fertility Relationship to Forage Quality Project 2005
Melissa Lowery An Evaluation of the Efficacy of Defoliation Recommendations Project 2005
Michelle Rankin An Economic Evaluation of Roundup Ready Flex Cotton: An on Farm Situation in West Tennessee Project 2005
Tracey Sullivan An On-Farm Evaluation of Widestrike Insect Protection Technologies in Commercially Availalbe Cotton Varieties Project 2005
Brent Styles Effects of Seed Processing Methods on Germination and Early Seddling Development of Cotton Project 2003
Chad Tritt An Economic Evaluation of Bollgard II Cotton in West Tennessee Project 2003
Laura Knipp A Bobwhite Quail Population Model based on Avian Predators and Agricultural Crop Production Project 2003
Phillip Lunn The University of Tennesse Dairy Experiment Station Internship 2001
Hugh Moorehead The University of Tennessee Dairy Experiment Station Internship 2001


UT Guide to the Preparation of Theses and Dissertations-10th Edition(link to PDF download)