Course Offerings

AGEC 740 - Advanced Econometric Applications in Agribusiness (3)

The advanced study of agribusiness research methodology using econometric tools to solve agribusiness problems. Advanced statistical methods, including multiple regression analysis, Logit, Probit, and other estimation techniques for agribusiness analysis will be presented; estimation issues such as multicollinearity, autocorrelation, heteroscedasticity, and related problems will also be addressed.

AGEC 751 - Strategic Management Issues in Agriculture (3)

Application of current strategic management techniques to agribusiness problems. Emphasis on viewing management from a broad organizational perspective through an integrated approach. The ability to assimilate and analyze information from all aspects of the organization (i.e. management, marketing, information systems, production, finance, accounting, etc.) to analyze complex problems, develop plans and propose recommendations on a top management perspective.

AGEC 784 - Applied Management Science in Agricultural Systems I (3)

Mathematical programming and constrained optimization research methods for applied decision making in agriculture. Development of computer and writing skills necessary for finding optimal solutions to complex applied problems in addition to succinctly communicating results in the proper format and context. Theory, implementation and optimal solution sensitivity of linear and integer programming as well as network and project scheduling models are examined (Same as AGET 784).

AGET 720 - Advanced Soil and Water Conservation Engineering (3)

Engineering principles for hydrologic analysis and design for small catchments including: hydrologic frequency analysis, rainfall runoff estimation, open channel hydraulics, hydraulics of control structures, sediment properties and transport, erosion and sediment yield, sediment control structures, groundwater, monitoring of hydrologic systems, and hydrologic modeling. Students are required to complete a written term report on a current topic associated with soil and water engineering.

AGET 710 - Safety and Ergonomic Sciences in Agriculture (3)

Designing, fitting, adjusting equipment and tools to suit individuals so that agricultural tasks can be done safely, efficiently, productively, and without discomfort, pain, injury, and disability; includes comfort and well-being.

AGET 782 - GIS for Agricultural and Natural Resources Management (3)

Principles and application of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technologies with emphasis on the use of GIS for collecting, storing and analyzing spatial data associated with agricultural and natural resource-based enterprises. GIS software techniques are developed using an interactive/inductive learning process. Students will collect and analyze data to complete a research project using GIS to answer questions related to an agricultural or natural resources topic.

AGRI 741 - Statistical Methods in Agriculture and Natural Resources (3)

Statistical techniques used in design and analysis of experiments in agriculture and natural resources management. T-tests, analysis of variance, mean separation, regression and correlation, experimental design and analysis, interpretation of research results, analysis and interpretation of survey information. Prereq: Math 210 or equivalent or instructor's approval.

AGEC 735 - Seminar in International Agricultural Trade (3)

Theory and practice in international trade in agricultural and food products with emphasis on real world problems. Trade policy, trade law, customs practices, exchange rates and their impact on trade in U.S. and world agriculture. Developing real world export marketing plans including research, pricing, distribution systems, financing, and pro forma invoicing. Discussions of major global trade issues.

AGEC 780 - Project Management Issues in Agriculture (3)

Application of current project management techniques to agribusiness planning problems. Both the technical and social or human sides of the issues are emphasized and focus will be on how they can be integrated to achieve desired results. Skills developed will include abilities to understand different types of projects and their unique characteristics, the impact of new technologies and globalization on business practices, and inclusion of all organizational levels in clearly defined recommendations.

NRM 730 - Advanced Natural Resources Economics (3)

Economic principles associated with natural resource use and preservation. Emphasis on economic analysis and policy decision-making tools for natural resources and non-market goods. Valuation techniques such as benefit cost analysis, willingness to pay, willingness to accept, hedonic pricing, travel cost models, inter-temporal substitution, and issues related to economic and social efficiency will be discussed.

AGET 760 - Comprehensive Nutrient Management Planning & System Design (3)

Application of agronomic sciences and engineering technology for developing Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plans (CNMPs) for livestock production. Elements include: environmental law and regulatory policy; watershed planning considerations; animal waste characteristics; role of soils; role of plants; geologic and ground water concerns; facilities location; waste treatment systems design; land application of wastes; and agricultural waste management system design.