2014-2015 MSANR Curriculum

Resume of Degree Requirements

Students must satisfy the university general requirements and following requirements specific to the degree.

Minimum Hours Required For Degree: 36 hours

A minimum of 70 percent of the degree requirements must be taken at the 700 level. All MSANR students must complete a written and oral comprehensive final examination during the semester they expect to graduate. The written and oral portion of the comprehensive final exam will be administered and graded (Pass/Fail) by the MSANR Graduate Supervisory Committee. Students receiving a "Pass" score on the written component of the comprehensive final exam will schedule the oral portion of the final exam at least three weeks prior to graduation. Students must receive a "Pass" score of on both the written and oral portions of final exam to graduate.

Other Requirements


Regulations governing graduate programs are contained in the UTM Catalog. Program continuation standards require the maintenance of a grade point average of 3.0 in all courses taken for graduate credit and completion of the program in no more than six (6) years.

Academic Advisor & Supervisory Committee

All MSANR students are advised by the graduate coordinator for the Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources.


The supervisory committee shall consist of the advisor and no fewer than two faculty members with UTM graduate faculty status. No more than one committee member may be from outside the Ag & NRM department faculty. The advisor will serve as chairman of the supervisory committee.


The purposes of the supervisory committee are to:

  • Guide, inform, and counsel the student
  • Discuss and approve the Plan of Study (POS)
  • Discuss and approve the internship and internship report or research project
  • Review progress of courses, grades, projects and internship once per semester

Conduct final written and oral exams


Students are encouraged to develop a close working relationship with their advisor and committee. They should communicate academic and department interests and concerns to them. Each student is expected to meet with his/her advisor periodically, at least once per semester. This meeting may be conducted over the phone or in person. The supervisory committee must be complete within three months of the first day of class of the first semester.

Plan of Study

A written Plan of Study (POS) is required so that no student will proceed without supervisory committee advice and a set of specific objectives. Each POS is unique to the individual student. In consultation with the graduate advisor, the student is expected to complete a POS form and have it approved by the supervisory committee by the end of the first term. Failure to meet this requirement is grounds for immediate termination of the program. Each POS must satisfy all requirements of the UTM Graduate Catalog and Agriculture and Natural Resources Department. A POS may be changed at anytime with the consent of the supervisory committee and approval of the graduate coordinator. After the supervisory committee has approved a POS, a final (signed copy) form should be submitted to the graduate coordinator. The graduate coordinator assures that the POS meets all requirements. The graduate coordinator maintains the official department student records and serves as an additional resource for faculty and student information.

Additional Regulations

  • A minimum of 70 % of degree requirements must consist of 700 level courses or above
  • A written examination must be completed satisfactorily during the final semester of coursework. This must be completed prior to the eighth week and will be administered by the supervisory committee.
  • An oral exam is required in the final semester following satisfactory completion of the written exam. The oral exam will be administered by the supervisory committee during week 8 to 13 of the final term.
  • Students achieving less than satisfactory oral or written exams will be given one of the indicators from the supervisory committee:
    1. courses or activities to accomplish prior to another exam attempt
    2. notice of failure

In no event will a student be given more than one repeated examination unless additional coursework prescribed by the supervisory committee has been taken.


All forms must be submitted to the department graduate coordinator prior to deadlines Each POS must meet all UTM requirements as stated in the "Graduate Catalog" unless appropriate exceptions have been approved.

Credit From Other Universities

With supervisory committee approval, up to 12 hours may be taken from other universities. Of these, students may include, with supervisory committee approval, up to two courses from the Western Governors University.


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