Program Assessment

The assessment process begins with the University, College, and Departmental mission statements, and includes the development of program educational objectives and desired student learning outcomes, collection of student data and work samples, preparation of detailed assessment documents, evaluation of the collected data, and a feedback loop that produces continuous improvement.

Departmental Mission

Our primary mission is to provide a high quality undergraduate education leading to Bachelor of Science degrees in either Agriculture, Geosciences, or Natural Resources Management. These programs are distinctive, in that students are exposed to all principal disciplines within each program and have the flexibility to choose a students are exposed to all principal discipline that interests them. Students in each program have opportunities to obtain field experience, prepare, for postgraduate studies, and engage in scholarly and professional activities

AGN Department Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Departmental graduates will understand foundational principles and technology in major/concentration.
  2. Departmental graduates will effectively apply knowledge and skills necessary to function in chosen field.
  3. Departmental graduates will apply experiential learning and critical thinking skills to solve problems.
  4. Departmental graduates will demonstrate effective oral and written communication skills.

MSANR Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Students are able to apply appropriate statistical & quantitative techniques to solve problems.
  2. Students effectively communicate information from research projects.
  3. Students identify current issues emerging in industry.
  4. Students develop research strategies.


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