Honor Chamber Music Festival

Honors Festival

The 2nd Annual UT Martin Honor Chamber Music Festival will take place on the UT Martin campus on March 19-21, 2015. The HCMF is an exciting event that showcases the talents of exceptional high school musicians in a chamber music setting. Through participation in this unique event, you will learn and cultivate chamber music's inherent skills including listening, self-analysis, musical awareness, timing, intonation, style, collaboration and professionalism. You will also be introduced to new repertoire and gain exposure to the chamber music idiom while working with other talented high school musicians.


The UT Martin Department of Music faculty look forward to meeting and creating meaningful musical experiences with you during this inspiring event.


Audition Procedure

March 19-21, 2015


All Materials Must Be Submitted by March 1, 2015


  1. Audition Video
    • Submit a demonstration of your musical skills.
    • No longer than 10 minutes of total video material
    • The repertoire is listed by instrument below. The goal is to demonstrate your strengths.
    • Upload the video via You Tube or other media sharing method of your choosing and send the link to your specific instrument's UT Martin Faculty (listed below)


  2. Student Information
  3. When you submit the video link to the specific instrument's professor, please include the following information in your email:

    • Full Name
    • Email address
    • Postal Address
    • Cell Phone Number
    • Name of High School
    • High School Graduation Year
    • Date of Birth
    • Parent Name
    • Parent Email


  4. Other Information
    • There is NO application fee. However, if you are one of the students selected, a $50 tuition fee is required for festival attendance.
    • Additional costs include two nights of lodging and meals, both of which are the student's responsibility.
    • A parent or guardian must accompany participants who are staying in a hotel. Commuters are exempt.


  5. Selected Students
    • All students will be notified by email of acceptance by March 4, 2015.
    • Selected students will be sent all music for advanced preparation.
    • Students should plan to arrive by 5pm on Thursday, March 19 for a general meeting in Fine Arts 136.
    • The closing concert will be on Saturday, March 21 at 12:00pm in the Fine Arts Recital Hall.


**Please direct any questions to your specific instrument faculty member


Flute | Oboe | Clarinet | Bassoon | Saxophone | Trumpet | Horn | Trombone | Euphonium | Tuba | Percussion


FLUTE - Professor Charles Lewis - clewis55@utm.edu

Joachim Andersen - 24 Etudes for Flute, Op. 21

#3 Allegretto, Start at measure 26 and play to the end. Quarter note = 100
#10 Andante cantabile (Romanza), Play from the beginning with both endings to the end of measure 25. Quarter note = 66


OBOE - Dr. Doug Owens - dowens14@utm.edu

Ferling - 48 Studies for Oboe (Note: Tempi are suggestions. The auditioning musician's primary goal needs to be that of technical and rhythmic accuracy.)

#13: eighth = 120
#14: quarter = 72



CLARINET - Dr. Elizabeth Aleksander - ealeksan@utm.edu

Any one etude from Rose, 32 Etudes (note that Rose wrote several etude books; please make sure that you have the correct one)



BASSOON - Dr. Doug Owens - dowens14@utm.edu

Weissenborn - 50 Advanced Studies for Bassoon (Note: Tempi are suggestions. The auditioning musician's primary goal needs to be that of technical and rhythmic accuracy.)

#15: Lento, quarter = 52; Andante, quarter = 76; Allegro Scherzando, quarter = 144+



SAXOPHONE - Dr. Doug Owens - dowens14@utm.edu

Ferling - 48 Studies for Oboe (Note: Tempi are suggestions. The auditioning musician's primary goal needs to be that of technical and rhythmic accuracy.)

#1: quarter = 60
#2: quarter = 92



TRUMPET - Dr. Kurt Gorman - kgorman@utm.edu
Please contact Dr. Kurt Gorman (kgorman@utm.edu) if you need help finding the listed repertoire.

Holst - First Suite for Military Band:
First Movement, Chaconne, quarter note pick up to 8 bars before C to C
Second Movement, Intermezzo, beginning to rehearsal A and rehearsal D to 8 bars before E
Brandt - Etude #4 (International edition) first 6 lines


HORN - Dr. Jessie Thoman - jthoman@utm.edu

Tchaikowsky - Symphony No. 5, 2nd mvmt, Horn 1 solo

Maxime Alphonse Etudes - Deux cents Etudes Nouvelles - Book 1, Etude No. 48


TROMBONE - Dr. Joseph Frye - jfrye3@utm.edu

2015 Etudes


EUPHONIUM - Mr. Bill Waterman - wwaterma@utm.edu
Please contact Mr. Bill Waterman (wwaterma@utm.edu) if you need help finding the listed repertoire.

Kopprasch - Etude No. 3
Holst - First Suite for Band in E-flat - Movement I - Opening Chaconne Melody
Strauss - Ein Helden Leben - Figure 62-66 (Battle Scene)


TUBA - Mr. Bill Waterman - wwaterma@utm.edu
Please contact Mr. Bill Waterman (wwaterma@utm.edu) if you need help finding the listed repertoire.

Gliere - Russians Sailors Dance - Measures 1 - 25
Holst - Second Suite - Fantasia on the Dargason - 6 after Letter H to the End.
Prokovief - Symphony No. 5 - Movement 1 - Figure 3 through two measures before Figure 6
Etude No. 21 from Blazevich's 70 Studies for BB flat Tuba, Book 1


PERCUSSION - Dr. Julie Hill - jhill@utm.edu
Please visit www.utm.edu/percussion for more information

The repertoire is your choice and can be anything from an audition etude to a solo or composition of your own. Please include a minimum of two instrument areas. The goal is to demonstrate your strengths.



**Detailed Schedules/Rehearsal Rooms for Wind, Brass, and Percussion will be distributed upon Registration

5:00-6:00pm Registration
6:00-9:00pm Rehearsals
9am-4:00pm Rehearsals, Lunch, Master classes, etc..
A breakdown of this schedule will be provided in each instrumental area as different studios have ensemble rehearsals/performances for participating students to observe and participate in at different times throughout the day.
4:15-5:00pm BREAK/FREE TIME
5:00-6:00pm UTM Department of Music Chamber Music Montage Concert, Location TBA
7:00pm “World Bizarre” at Soleil Garden Center in Union City, Tennessee
9:00-11:00am Rehearsals
11am-12pm Set Up for Closing Concert
12:00pm UT Martin Honor Chamber Ensembles Festival Concert with all participating students (please wear nice attire of your choice)


You are free to sit in on any and all rehearsals
We also have the UTM Library and Starbucks as well as the Looking Glass coffee shop in downtown Martin (free wireless)
There is a movie theater in town and also several walking trails


Other options within an hour's drive
Paducah, KY or Jackson, TN
Reelfoot Lake State Park
Columbus Belmont State Park
Dixie Gun Works in Union City


In accordance with University Policy, all visitor vehicles parked on campus require a guest pass. Parking without one will result in a ticket. Guest passes are free and may be obtained from Crisp Hall (located directly across from the Boling Center). Please have the license plate # of the vehicle available. If you get a ticket, please give it to Mrs. Sherry Adams, the Administrative Assistant in the Music Office.


The Opera House
Los Portales
La Cabana
Asian Grill
UTM Food Court
KN Drive In (great burgers and root beer)


HOTELS (not included in festival fee)
Housing reservations are the responsibility of the participating student. Each student must be accompanied by either a parent or band director. If your student would like to share accommodations with a student from another school and split supervision responsibilities with another parent/director, please let the appropriate studio faculty member know so they can help you find a solution and partner you with the right people.


Hampton Inn 5575 Skyhawk Parkway Martin, TN 38237 (731) 587-5800 www.hamptoninn.com
Days Inn 800 University St. Martin, TN 38237 US (731) 587-9577 www.daysinn.com
Econo Lodge 853 University St. Martin, TN 38237 (731) 587-4241 www.econolodge.com


There is a $50 registration fee for the Festival per student (t-shirt included). Please bring a check payable to the UTM Department of Music to registration.

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