Phase II NEW Concert Hall

Fine Arts Building, Phase II


If you would like to give, Thank YOU! Your gift is pivotal in creating opportunities to enrich the people of the UT Martin Department of Music, the UT Martin campus, and the Martin and West Tennessee communities.




Thank You for your generosity!


$2.5 million fundraising project is currently in progress.

Overall cost is $10 million.

Phase One / Phase Two

Phase One opened in August 2013. Home to the Departments of Music and Visual and Theatre Arts. Included 5 large classrooms, 11 large studio spaces, 36 offices, 23 individual practice rooms, 2 computer labs, a piano lab, choir recital hall, large band room, percussion rehearsal room, art studios for graphic arts, ceramics, fibers, sculpture, painting, drawing, and dance and theatre support spaces for costuming, scenery construction, and a black-box theater/acting classroom.


Phase One did not however include major performance venue renovations (The Harriet Fulton Theatre was left untouched), additional performance support spaces, and the building of a new larger audience capacity concert hall. All vital parts of the overall Fine Arts Building Project plan. The Harriet Fulton Theatre is currently inadequate as a performance venue until it is renovated as part of Phase Two.


Phase Two of the Fine Arts Building Project will add a large audience capacity concert hall, with appropriate lobby and concert hall support spaces, and a formal entrance to the Fine Arts Building. In addition, The Harriet Fulton Theatre is to be completely renovated, unfinished art studio space completed, and theatre and dance support space remodeled.


Hundreds of individuals from both campus and community all participate in a myriad of cultural activities offered through the Departments of Music and Visual and Theatre Arts that depend on the Fine Arts Building facilities provided at UT Martin.


Music ensembles such as the Wind Ensemble, University Singers, Concert Band, New Pacer Singers, Lyric Opera Theater, Jazz Band, Percussion Ensemble, and numerous additional chamber ensembles that include winds, piano, double-reeds, strings, UTM Chamber Players, and others, combine to produce over 80 performances annually – more than any other venue in West Tn outside of Memphis.


Thousands from the UT Martin campus and our NW Tennessee community attend Vanguard Theatre and UTM Dance Ensemble productions annually. Similar numbers attend art exhibitions or attend workshops provided through the arts units for the community.


Phase Two will provide a showcase for UT Martin students, a showcase for UT Martin Arts programs and a showcase for the entire UT Martin campus. Academic speakers, fundraising events, conferences, regional competitions, and more could all be greatly enhanced through funding Phase Two of the Fine Arts Building Project. The UT Martin campus currently does not have a performance venue to adequately support many curricular and co-curricular activities and events that require a more formal venue


Phase Two would also provide facilities for the future cultural growth of our larger Northwest Tennessee community. There are no performance venues outside of Jackson that can accommodate large capacity audiences for events that could and should have a major impact on our community. We currently do not have a performance venue that could support a full symphony orchestra for example. We currently do not have a venue that could provide enough seats for a large audience to attend a performance of a well-known world-class musician or ensemble. Nor do we have a facility with acoustics worthy of hosting world-class musicians. NW Tennessee deserves to have a facility that can do both!


In short, the arts are critical and affect virtually everyone in our region. The arts are good for business. It is certainly understandable with the need for balanced budgets and hard choices to be very concerned with such a large commitment. At the same time it’s very good business to continue to invest in success and to keep our communities great places to live and to ensure that our children have creative educational opportunities to prepare them for the future. A contribution to Phase Two will keep the arts working for all of us.


Naming opportunities begin at $10,000


Phase II New Concert Hall