Future Music Educators Camp

  • music education
  • Students and Teachers playing Xylophone
  • youth orchestra
  • violin lesson

Want to be a music teacher?

Calling all future band, orchestra, choir, and elementary general music teachers! Are you a rising 10-12th grader? Work with Dr. Angela Ammerman, assistant professor of music education and UTM music education faculty!

Week 1:

Lesson Planning, Classroom Management, Peer Instruction, and Conducting

Week 2:

Observations, Sectionals, and Teaching Experiences with Elementary/Middle School students through the UTM Kid's College.

June 4-15, 2018

UT Martin Fine Arts Building: 9 a.m.-3 p.m.


Only $200 per student for the two week camp!



To register for FMEC please click here to take you to the location.


Future Music Educators Camp Comments:

"I learned how to let my personality shine through as a teacher, and I learned how to keep a class engaged!!! I am just so astonished by the amount of incredible positivity that radiated throughout the whole camp. Everyone was so encouraging and I feel so happy to have chosen this field as my career!" - Rising Senior Vocalist


"...Your student conductors were more dynamic, engaging, and positively in charge of their groups than most college students whom I have seen conducting lab ensembles..." Larisa Marian, Fairfax County Public Schools Music Teacher


"Thank you so much! I had an amazing time working with you and teaching these past weeks. I have grown so much because of you. Thank you for believing in me!" - Rising Senior Violist


"Everything was useful!!! Not a second of time was wasted, pretty much everything was worthwhile!" - Rising Junior Violinist