Comp Exam Narrative Data


Comprehensive Exam Narrative and Timelines

Sample of Comprehensive Exam Test Questions - School Counseling

Sample of Committee Assignment Before Changes

Student Sample of Passed Test

Student Sample of Failed Test

Comprehensive Exam Committees by Discipline - Spring 2009

Comprehensive Exam Rubric - Revised Fall 2008

Comprehensive Exam Rubric - Revised Fall 2008 for Counseling

Comp Study Guide for Counseling - Effective Spring 2009

Study Guide MSIL Advanced Interdisciplinary - Revised Spring 2009

Comp Exam Grading Rubric - Summer 2008 and previous terms

Comp Exam Requirements per University Catalog



Course Sequence (Initial and Advanced)

Initial Licensure Course Sequence (M.S. Ed.)

Integrated K-6 Course Sequence (sample)

Counseling Course Sequence (Advanced)


MSIL Reflective Paper

MSIL Reflective Essay Rubric

Sample of MSIL Comp Instructions

Sample of Completed Rubric

Student Sample Exemplary

Student Sample Acceptable


Advanced Program Changes

Counseling Changes Summary

Educational Leadership Changes Summary


State Program Approval Memoranda

State Report of Approved Programs - Initial and Advanced

Approval Memorandum for TN Learning Centered Leadership Preparation Program (Educational Leadership)


Presentation Powerpoints

Advising Workshop

Education Student Services - Powerpoint for Student Teaching Orientation


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Graduate Orientation - effective Fall 2009

Initial Licensure Alignment Chart with Technology

Dance 7-12 Provisionally Approved Program

EDAS Letter

Portfolio Requirements

Sample of Completed Portfolio Evaluation

Remediation Plan for Disposition Issues

Sample Graduate Bb course

Student Sample - Counseling - Monthly Internship Report

Student Sample - Counseling Internship Activity

Student Sample - Self-Reflection - ELED 731

Admission to Teacher Education Requirements

Pass Rates for Educational Leadership and School Counseling

MSIL Comprehensive K-12 Comparison of Programs

MSIL Curricular Changes

MSIL Elementary and Secondary Comparison - Old versus New Program

Educational Leadership Comparison - Old versus New Program

HHP Program Modifications

Syllabus HLTH 410

Syllabus HPED 308

Syllabus HPED 309

Syllabus HPED 411

Undergraduate Council - Link to Minutes

Faculty Senate - Bylaws and Minutes

Graduate Council - Link to Minutes