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  • Institutional Report
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    1. Unit Operations

    Support Staff

    Coordinator of Assessment, Education Student Services

    Coordinator of Field Placements, Education Student Services

    Licensure Specialist, Education Student Services

    Staff Assistant, Education Graduate Program


    Professional Education Council (PEC) Bylaws, Membership and Minutes




    April 18, 2007

    November 28, 2007

    November 14, 2008 (and attachment)

    April 22, 2009

    November 18, 2009

    April 21, 2010


    Teacher Education Effectiveness Committee




    June 2007

    June 2008

    June 2009


    NCATE Retreat for Unit Faculty and Staff

    Unit Retreat May 2, 2007

    Unit Retreat for Fall 2007

    Unit Retreat August 29, 2008

    Unit Retreat August 28, 2009


    2. Unit Organization

    Organizational Chart


    3. Student Services

    Math Lab

    Reading Center

    Writing Center

    Counseling Center/Student Success Center

    Education Student Services


    4. Candidate Recruitment

    Recruiting and Admissions

    Undergraduate Admissions Requirements

    Graduate Admissions Requirements

    Catalog Welcome Statement

    Equal Opportunity Statement

    Admissions Practices

    TEP Requirements


    5. Unit Publications

    Academic Calendars, Publications, and Grading Policies

    Academic Calendars

    Online Catalog

    Programs of Studies

    Graduate Programs

    Education Student Services

    CEBS Newsletters

    Fall 2006

    Spring 2007

    Fall 2007

    Spring 2008

    Fall 2008

    Spring 2009

    Fall 2009

    Spring 2010


    6. Unit Budget

    Educational Studies

    Cost of Travel by Educational Studies Faculty


    7. Comparative Budgets

    Social Work



    8. Faculty Workload Policy


    9. Faculty Workload Summary

    (Note: Only workload for unit is used. Data for rest of university is deleted from document for brevity.)

    Faculty Workload Fall 2007

    Faculty Workload Spring 2008

    Faculty Workload Fall 2008

    Faculty Workload Spring 2009

    Faculty Workload Fall 2009

    Faculty Workload Spring 2010


    10. Facilities



    Gooch Rooms


    11. Library Resources

    Library Home Page

    Library Tutorials

    Library Services

    Database Collection


    12.DL Resources