UT Martin Kid College

Kid College has been a successful summer program for children in West Tennessee for twenty-five years and continues to be an exciting adventure for children in Kindergarten through Fifth Grade.

Whatever interest a child may have, they will find something fun and educational to do at UT Martin's Kid College.




Kid College 2020 - June 8 - 12


Dates: June 24 – 27

Time: 8:30 am – 12:15 pm

$95 per student, includes camp t-shirt.


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Parent Information

UT Martin’s Kid College at the UT Martin Parsons Center is Monday – Thursday, June 24 – 27.


Kid College is a four-day program for children who will attend Kindergarten in 2018 through the 5th grade. Our goal for Kid College is to provide your child an opportunity to have a fun-learning experience. Children will be divided into small groups based on the grade they will be in Fall 2018 and will rotate through the courses each day. We have an exciting four days planned for your child. To help our program operate smoothly, we have the following reminders:

Prior To Kid College

Register your child in advance.


Registration fee: $95 and includes a Kid College T-Shirt and supplies.

Drop Off/Pick Up

First morning. Please park and accompany your child to the Lobby to pick up their nametag and t-shirt. Following the first morning, we will have curb side drop off. Parents will pick up students in their last class of the day.

June 28 – Open House

Open House – 12:00 Noon to 1:00 p.m. All parents, family and friends are invited to drop by and meet the teachers, view displays and watch demonstrations. Refreshments will be served.


We look forward to having your child in Kid College. If you have any questions, please call our office at (731)881-7081.


Kelli Deere

Director, UT Martin Parsons Center

Debbie Mount

Director, Non-Degree Programs

Watch for e-mails with additional Kid College information.


Class Schedule

WILD about Animals!

Cary Bivens

Come join us as we set off on an exploration to learn about animals! As we navigate through the jungle, we will search for animals and learn about their habitats as we go. Throughout our journey we will read books, go on adventures, and craft our very own jungle animals. What will we find? Who will we see? Gear up, this class is WILD about animals!

Become a Junior Ranger

Amanda Pearcy

This year’s UTM- Parsons Kids College Happy Campers have the opportunity to join the ranks and become a Junior Ranger and earn an official badge. Opportunities to learn all about this area’s climate, animals, and terrain will be available, while enjoying activities in the great outdoors. Campers will earn various badges for hands-on nature activities, exploring during scavenger hunts, and fun outdoorsy activities and games. Real park rangers will be available to teach campers about how to respect and care for the environment; as well as, learning useful skills like identifying poison oak and how to watch out for snakes! Junior Rangers are also allowed access to special programs and prizes and will even receive a real Junior Ranger badge. If you want to help make a difference in the great outdoors, this is the program for you!

Unmasking Theatre Fun

Shane Bridges

Ancient Greek actors wore masks at the dawn of Theatre, and masks remain a useful acting tool today. Your child will design and create their own mask which we will use to unleash their creativity. In this fun class, we will use the masks to make acting accessible to the child by utilizing fun, collaborative games and exercises which teach the values of cooperating, listening, and creating. Students should wear non-restrictive clothing in which they can easily move, and be prepared to have fun and acquire self-confidence and communication skills which will benefit them the rest of their lives.

Don’t Throw That Away!

Whitney Crider

Did you know, a plastic bottle you throw in the trash today will sit in a landfill or float in the ocean for thousands of years? As brutal as it may seem, it’s true. We don’t know what the earth or humans will look like a thousand years from now, but the plastic bottle will remain the same. At this camp we will learn all about recycling...what happens to the things we put in our recycling bin, how they are reused, and what things we use every day are made from recycled material. We will make really cool crafts out of recycled material...things like a broken jewelry, egg cartons, old t shirts, bottles... the possibilities are endless! We will learn how to reduce the extras to less and make more use of things we already have. We will play games and have activities that will help us remember the things we have learned. Come and join us for a week of recycling fun!

Date: June 24 – 28

Time: 8:30 – 11:45

Fee: $95 per child; includes Kid College t-shirt and all supplies.


Registration and Payment are online:

Have your Visa, Mastercard, or Discover ready. Payment is required when you register.


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Class Schedule

Layers of Life: Exploring our World's Rainforests

Haleigh Alexander


Come join our jungle adventure as we discover and discuss the diverse life within our Earth's rainforests. Be ready to learn about the layers of the rainforest and all the different kinds of plants and animals that live within. With hands-on approaches and plenty of excitement to go around, our adventure through the jungle will not be one to miss!

In The Jungle Art Adventure:

Kelly Smith


Adventure into the jungle and discover ways to make safari themed art! Each day you will make a different art item. Items include: Painting Jungle Rocks, Modge Podge Picture frames, Safari duct tape bracelets, Tie dyed Bandanas, and Jungle Slime.

People and ways of Life in the Jungle

Kari Hughes


We will learn about the rain forest and the people who live there. We will explore the various methods and tools they use in their daily lives. How do their lives differ from ours? From Bows and arrows to purifying water, learn how people exist in the Jungle.


Parent Information

Dear Kid College Moms and Dads

Kid College is a five-day program from June 24 - 28 for children who will attend Kindergarten in Fall 2019 through the 5th grade. Our goal for Kid College is to provide your child an opportunity to have a fun learning experience. We have many interesting and exciting courses. Children will be divided into small groups based on their grade and rotate through the series of classes.


To ensure your child has a wonderful experience at Kid College:

  • Nametags will be provided and should be worn daily.
  • Provide a backpack for supplies.
  • Label everything!
  • Children will be supervised at all times.
  • Please call us at (731)646-1636 if your child be absent.

Morning Arrival and Pick Up:

Parents are asked to park and bring their child(ren) to the center’s lobby. Staff will greet your child and escort them to their classroom. When Kid College is over, parents are asked to return to the lobby to pick up their child(ren).


Wednesday is Picture Day – Wear Your Kid College T-shirt!


Watch for emails with additional Kid College information.


Alan Youngerman

Director, UT Martin Selmer Center


Debbie Mount

Director, Non-Degree Programs

UT Martin



Date: June 3-7, 2019

Time: 8:15 – 11:50 am

Fee: $95 per child, includes Kid College T-Shirt and Supplies

Kid College

  • Five Fun-Filled Days.
  • For children who will attend Kindergarten in the Fall 2019 through the 5th grade.
  • Children will be divided into small groups based on their grade and rotate through the series of classes each day. See listed courses below.
  • Additional information for parents is on the web and will be sent by e-mail the week prior to Kid College.
  • Questions, e-mail us at nondegree@utm.edu.

Registration and Payment are online

Have your Visa, Mastercard, or Discover card ready. Payment is required when you register.


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Kid Science Explorers

Donna Burrus

Are you a young scientist? Do you love to pick up bugs and dig in the soil, or dream of traveling through space? Come explore with us in Kid Science Explorers. Discover, imagine, and create with fun hands-on science activities. Bring your questions! As a Kid Science Explorer, you will take home goodies to make sure you have fun discovering science all summer long!

Learning Across America: Hiking Along a Trail of Discovery

Julian Stanz

Have you looked around and wondered about what you see around you? You live in such a big and complex country; wouldn’t it be awesome to learn about a little it? You might wonder about where you live, where Tennessee is, or even what awesome things your state and country are known for. The answer is like a trail, and hiking it will be a really cool adventure. Come learn—all across America.

Having a Blast with Art

Cathy Stanz

Do you love using all your art supplies? Well, get prepared! You'll be drawing, of course, but also printing, or painting, or sculpting...or a little of all of that! We'll get a little dirty, but have lots of fun. Bring your best imaginations and a big shirt for those messy days.

Wild About Reading

Megan Burnett

It's a jungle out there! We are on the hunt for reading adventures in some of the world’s wildest areas. On our expedition, we will explore different kinds of books about nature, animals, and cultures. With our worldly craft-ivities we will learn the structure of a story and how to write our own travel journal. Hold on to your safari hats…off to great places we go!


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