To receive a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree (B.S.N.) all students must:

1. Satisfy the university's general education requirements for a bachelor's degree; 

2. Attain a grade of C or above in each of the B.S.N. curriculum requirements; 

3. Attain a 70% or above on the Kaplan Nursing Assessment Test, a standardized exam, or complete Kaplan remediation if score is less than 70% correct and; 

4. Complete the B.S.N. degree program. 

Students already licensed as Registered Nurses may complete the B.S.N. degree program and meet the general requirements for a bachelor's degree as follows: 

1. Complete required non-nursing courses for which equivalent college credits have not already been received. Credit may be received for some courses through challenge or CLEP exams. 

2. Receive credit for Nursing 212, 221, 231, 331, 341, 401 and 406 by fulfilling one of the following options: 
a. Registered nurses with associate degrees in nursing-transfer the courses taken in their associate-degree programs in nursing for credit and presentation of a current Tennessee registered nurse license. 
b. Registered nurses with hospital diplomas-present record of a hospital diploma transcript and a current Tennessee registered nurse license as validation of knowledge and registration of the proficiency validation with the registrar. 

3. Complete Nursing 350 Transition to Professional Nursing in place of Nursing 321. 

4. Take the remainder of required nursing courses. Students may request to challenge Nursing 201, 202, 411, and 431. Three years of clinical experience within the last five years will be required to challenge either Nursing 411 or 431. 

5. Complete 58 semester hours from an accredited four-year school (may include challenge exams). 

6. Take a minimum of 33 semester hours of upper-division nursing course work in meeting the residency requirement for graduation from UT Martin. RN students will be allowed to challenge upper-division courses within the residency hours, but these hours will not be counted toward residency.

Extra Costs - Subject to Change:

1. Uniform-$100 
2. White shoes, watch with a sweep second hand, stethoscopes, penlight, scissors, and other clinical items--approximately $200.00 (total cost will vary depending on selection). 
3. Liability insurance - Approximately $27.00 per year. 
4. Kaplan testing system fee approximately $90 per semester. 
5. Supply packs-$100.00 per year.