Office of University Outreach

Office of University Outreach

100 Administration Building

Martin, TN 38238

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Dr. Charley Deal,

Executive Director

Office of University Outreach

Office of University Outreach

"Six years ago I bought my first digital camera after playing with it for a couple of months, I decided that I needed some help. I had been using a film camera and found a lot of the settings were different. I took the camera classes that Dr.Tom teaches they were well worth the time. He starts with the very basics like this is the button that turns it on. With his help the camera has become my favorite hobby. I shoot mostly wildlife. I have been featured in the TWRA calendar for 2019,several pictures have been published in our church literature. Our club has published a book that I have pictures in. Again, well worth the time." -John Bell


Mission Statement

The mission for the Office of University Outreach is to create opportunities to engage with citizens, professionals, industry and schools by providing educational programs and training to help people meet their educational and training goals and assist in the economic development of our region.