How to Update New Life Circumstances

If you’ve recently moved, married or gone through another significant life change, remember to update your personal information with the University at UT’s employee self-service portal. Keep information such as your address, phone number and emergency contact updated at all times. Updating your name and address with UT will automatically update your health insurance providers.

Reminder: Keep Your Beneficiary Designations Current

Life changes such as marriage, divorce, adoption and birth can affect beneficiary designations with your life insurance and retirement policies. To confirm or update beneficiaries, contact each benefit provider directly or log into your account and make most changes online.

Quick Guide: Steps to Adding a New Child to Insurance

  1. Contact Bill Brundige within 31 days of the birth.
  2. Complete the appropriate insurance form and provide a copy of the birth certificate (the mother’s copy issued by the hospital is fine).
  3. Within 60 days of your newborn’s date of birth, contact your campus insurance office with the child’s Social Security number. The state’s Benefits Administration Office will provide a temporary SSN since the processing time is six to eight weeks.

Waiting beyond 31 days to notify and provide the proper paperwork to your campus insurance office can create problems with claims.

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