Sick Leave Bank

Each campus and institute at the University of Tennessee participates in a Sick Leave Bank. Regular full-time and part-time employees can join each year during Open Enrollment from April 1 to June 30, with membership effective July 1st. The Sick Leave Bank was created for regular employees of the University who are eligible to accrue sick leave. Regular part-time employees are eligible to join on a pro-rata basis. Temporary employees and those in a non-leave accruing position, which includes 9-month faculty, are not eligible for membership.


ELIGIBILITY: Eligible employees that apply to join the Sick Leave Bank must have a minimum sick leave balance of 48 hours on June 30th. New memberships will be effective July 1st, at which time the three-day enrollment assessment (24 hours) of the employee’s sick leave balance will be transferred (donated) to the bank. This transfer is non-refundable. Please refer to the University of Tennessee Human Resources policy (HR0382) Sick Leave Bank before completing the application to become a member.


PURPOSE: The purpose of the Sick Leave Bank is to provide emergency sick leave to member employees who have suffered disability due to an unplanned personal illness, injury, or quarantine and who have exhausted their compensatory, personal, sick, and annual leave balances. The Sick Leave Bank does not provide additional leave time for childbirth, elective surgery, or for an employee to care for an immediate family member due to their illness or injury. The trustees shall act upon all applications for sick leave days from the bank within 10 business days of receipt of the request. All actions by the trustees will require three affirmative votes. All leave granted will be at the discretion of the sick leave bank trustees.


Members may request additional time from the sick leave bank by completing a withdrawal request form. Medical certification by the member’s health care provider is also required. Members granted time from the sick leave bank will continue to receive their normal pay and will continue to accrue sick and annual leave. Members who have exhausted all personal accrued leave and whose requests have been approved by the trustees of the sick leave bank are also eligible to receive donations of sick leave from employees outside of the bank.


Pre-Existing Conditions: Members who have been in the sick leave bank for at least 30 calendar days are eligible to apply for sick leave days from the bank. Withdrawal requests for conditions deemed to be pre-existing shall not be eligible for sick leave bank benefits until 6 months following sick leave bank membership.


Please refer to UT policy HR0382 for a more comprehensive description of the sick leave bank. Questions about the Sick Leave Bank can be directed to the UT Martin Human Resource office at ext. 7845.

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