Personal Safety Empowerment Partnership Program


The Personal Safety Empowerment Partnership Program (PSEPP) was designed in 2009 to provide advocacy and an entry portal for students who have been victims of sexual assault or stalking. Our services will serve as a link between these students and local non-profit community victim services.


PSEPP's purpose is to create an integrated system of prevention and education, victim support and law enforcement response that address the specific needs of a rural community. PSEPP is committed to expanding counseling and advocacy services to all victims served by our program.


Thank you for visiting our website. Feel free to contact our office with any questions you many have. Our Staff will be available between the hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. For after hours emergencies, please contact the Department of Public Safety at 731-881-7777 or dial 911 for the Martin Police Department.

Warning Signs

Life on a college campus means you may encounter someone you suspect is being abused in some way. If you ever become concerned for a student, friend, or family member, PSEPP can help you help them.

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Prevention Techniques

Sexual Assault like many other crimes is a crime of opportunity and motive. There are no hard and fast rules to guarantee your safety. However, there are some steps you can take to reduce your risk of being assaulted.

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