FBI to change definition of Forcible Rape
The FBI is changing the definition of rape, in part to include men as victims, FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III told Congress today. Earlier this month the FBI Advisory Policy Board voted to consider changes into definition of rape that is used to track statistics used in the annual FBI Uniform Crime Report (UCR).
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Sexual Assault
A deliberate sexual act that is committed by:

  • violence
  • physical force
  • intimidation
  • threat
  • disregarding the victim's objections
  • taking advantage of the victim's impaired state or inability to object due to incapacitation, helplessness or intimidation
  • bringing about the impairment of a person with the use of drugs or alcohol

Sexual assault takes many forms, including rape, sexual violence and abuse, and molestation among others. It does not discriminate against gender, age, race, ethnicity or class. The perpetrators of sexual crimes aren't always strangers. Perpetrators can include relatives, friends and neighbors.


Domestic Violence
A pattern of controlling behaviors aimed at gaining power in order to control an intimate partner. Domestic violence is about power and control. It is not just about hitting and punching. The victim will be subjected to a pattern of assaulting and coercive behavior, including psychological, sexual and physical abuse. The syndrome of dominance and control by the perpetrator leading to increasing entrapment of the victim is also known as the "battering syndrome." The majority of the time, it is a female that is abused. There are instances of of males being abused, but it seems to be less common.


Commonly defined as, the willful, malicious and repeated following or harassing of another person. The actions of stalkers have an impact on the victim's physical and emotional wellbeing. Stalking is usually said to not carry an immediate risk and so society tends to downplay the danger this crime represents. However, stalkers can be violent, threatening and dangerous to their victims. Victims usually have to alter their lives significantly to reduce the danger a stalker represents.


Dating Violence
One partner in a serious or casual relationship purposely causes physical or psychological harm to the other. Physical harm can be in the form of abuse, rape or sexual assault. Psychological harm can include emotional abuse or intimidation by the perpetrator. Date rape drugs and alcohol are usually used in social settings to impair the victim's judgment and make them more susceptible to the crime. In many cases where drugs and alcohol are involved, the victim is uncertain about what happened. They often wonder if they consented to the act or if it even took place. This leads to many cases of dating violence going unreported.


The unlawful act of forcible sexual relations (unlawful sexual intercourse or sexual intrusion) with a person against that person's will. The elements that define a rape include; sexual penetration, force and lack of consent. The law does not discriminate against gender on issues of rape. The act can be committed by men and women and can be perpetrated against the opposite and / or the same sex. Although it is important to establish lack of consent in every rape, if a person is a minor or incapacitated in any way, the act is still considered to be rape.


Sexual Harassment
Sexual harassment includes unwelcome sexual advances or requests for sexual favors. The harasser can be a male or female whose conduct is unwelcome and makes the victim uncomfortable. Although this act is thought to be perpetrated mainly in the workplace, it can take place in other venues as well. Cat-calls, lewd comments, any physical or verbal conduct of a sexual nature that offends the victim in any location is considered to be sexual harassment.


Defined as a crime of committing unlawful sexual acts with or against children under the age of 18 years old. These acts can include; touching the child's genitalia, exposing genitalia to the child, rape, taking pornographic pictures, engaging in sexual acts with the child or having the child perform sexual acts with another child. The term 'molestation' can also include incest with a related minor and any unwanted sexual act with an adult short of rape.

Warning Signs

Life on a college campus means you may encounter someone you suspect is being abused in some way. If you ever become concerned for a student, friend, or family member, PSEPP can help you help them.

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Prevention Techniques

Sexual Assault like many other crimes is a crime of opportunity and motive. There are no hard and fast rules to guarantee your safety. However, there are some steps you can take to reduce your risk of being assaulted.

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