Abstract Submission Guidelines

  1. Submissions for presentations and posters are limited to research where the principal investigator completed the research while an undergraduate student.
  2. If the research is co-authored by a graduate student or faculty member, the undergraduate student must be the first author, as described in the latest edition of the APA Publication Manual. The undergraduate student must also be the presenter.
  3. Submission must be online (via a Qualtrics link) and must be complete by February 11, 2017, at 11:59 P.M. (Central Time Zone). The e-mail address of the responsible author/presenter must accompany each submission.
  4. A committee of psychologists will review each abstract and judge acceptance based on (a) research methodology and (b) relevance to the field.
  5. Literature reviews that do not include empirical data collection and/or analysis will not be accepted.
  6. Notification of acceptance or rejection will be provided via e-mail. Presentation details will be included with this notification.
  7. Everyone attending the conference, including each presenter, must register and pay the appropriate registration fee. We invite you to pre-register online. The registration fee entitles you to attend all conference events, including lunch on site.
  8. The submitter accepts the responsibility to assure that the presentation is made. If an unexpected event prevents an author from presenting, the submitter is responsible for finding an alternate presenter.

Any questions about submission can be sent to Dr. Angie MacKewn at amackewn@utm.edu

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