Parking Rules & Regulations


These regulations are established by The University of Tennessee at Martin Parking Authority, appointed by the University Administration as directed by resolution of The University of Tennessee Board of Trustees on Jun 20, 1968. They are applicable to all University Students, Faculty, Staff, and Visitors on the Martin Campus. Students / Faculty / Staff are required to obey these traffic and parking regulations as a condition of their attendance / employment at the University.


The purposes of these regulations are to facilitate the safe and orderly conduct of University business and to provide parking facilities in support of this function within the limits of available space.


The UT Martin Department of Public Safety is responsible for implementation and enforcement of these regulations.


The owner of any vehicle operated or parked on the campus shall assume all risk of loss or damage to such vehicle and its contents. The University shall have no responsibility for the safety, care, and protection of vehicles or their contents.


When any vehicle is left unattended on University property or on a city street adjacent to University property for more than forty-eight (48) hours under circumstances that indicate that the vehicle has been abandoned, the University may remove the vehicle to an area of the University’s choosing at the vehicle owner’s expense.


All persons with a UT Martin registration decal are requested to remove such decal before disposing of the vehicle.


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Registration of Vehicles

All motor vehicles operated by faculty, staff and students in connection with their employment or attendance at UT Martin must be registered at the UT Martin Department of Public Safety. This includes but is not limited to, residents of Grove and University Courts Apartments who use UT Martin parking lots. For purposes of these regulations, a motor vehicle is operated by a faculty member, staff member, or student if the vehicle is being used to transport the faculty member, staff member, or student to the UT Martin campus.


Persons not affiliated with UT Martin who have a need to regularly visit the UT Martin campus or have a need to visit the UT Martin campus to conduct business with UT Martin may be issued special vehicle registration decals as needed. Those persons may park in parking spaces for the time designated by the special parking permit.


Vehicle registration decals are issued at the time of student registration and must be properly displayed


Faculty and staff vehicle registration and collection of associated fees will be conducted prior to the beginning of each fall semester and will be valid for the entire academic year. Vehicle registration will not be completed until the previous year’s citations have been cleared. New employees will be required to pay the vehicle registration fee at the time of their employment.


Student vehicle registration and collection of associated fees must be renewed at, or prior to, the beginning of each fall semester and will be valid for the entire academic year.


Student vehicle registrations must be completed prior to the first day of classes. If a student enrolls after the first day of classes, then the student must complete his/ her vehicle registration within twenty-four (24) hours of enrollment. If a student acquires a vehicle subsequent to the date of his/her enrollment, then the student must complete his/her vehicle registration within twenty-four (24) hours of the acquisition of the vehicle.


Generally, a student vehicle can only be registered in one classification: commuter or non-commuter. However, students who meet certain requirements may register vehicles as staff. To register as a staff member the student must teach eight (8) semester hours or have a forty (40) hour work week specified on appointment papers. The registration of student vehicles as staff members will be by agreement between the appropriate department chairman or dean and the Department of Public Safety.


UT Martin students, faculty, or staff with permanent disabilities and who possess a disability plate or placard issued by the state of Tennessee will be issued a vehicle registration decal at no charge. Students, faculty, or staff with temporary disabilities may apply for a temporary parking permit by submitting a written statement from a doctor or Student Health to the Department of Public Safety.

*A temporary parking statement from a doctor or Student Health must be provided.


The person to whom a vehicle registration decal is registered is responsible for that vehicle registration decal and all violation citations issued thereto. If the person displaying the vehicle registration decal is other than the registrant when a violation is committed, both he and the registrant may be cited.


Expired vehicle registration decals must be removed so that only the current vehicle registration decals are displayed.


Only one vehicle registration decal may be purchased by each staff/faculty member or student, unless it is a replacement vehicle registration decal. The vehicle registration decal may be transferred to another vehicle either permanently or temporarily


Only one vehicle registration decal may be issued to Honorary or Special Guest.



Staff parking areas are designated for all academic buildings. Students shall not park in staff parking areas between 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Monday through Friday or at other times designated by the Department of Public Safety.


Student parking areas are designated by letter; e.g., C - Commuting students, N - Noncommuting students. Student’s vehicles may be parked only in lots designated on the student’s registration decal between 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Monday through Friday or at other times designated by the Department of Public Safety.


The absence of “no parking” signs or painted curbs/lines does not imply that parking is allowed. Parking in designated lots is restricted to marked spaces only. Vehicles parked outside of marked spaces are subject to being issued a citation and/or towed.


Vehicles with disability plates or placards may park in any parking space on campus. Vehicles with temporary parking permits for persons with temporary disabilities may park in any parking space on campus except for disability parking spaces.


Vehicle Operation

All persons operating vehicles on University property or in the campus area, which includes city streets adjacent to University property, must be properly licensed operators.


Pedestrians have the right-of-way at established pedestrian crossings, except where regulated by traffic control lights or police officers.


The maximum speed limit on campus streets is 15 mph and 30 mph on the city streets, unless otherwise posted. However, vehicles may not be operated at any speed which is excessive for the conditions which may exist as a result of weather, traffic congestion, pedestrians, etc.


Traffic control signs and directions of police officers must be obeyed.


All persons operating vehicles are responsible for maintaining control of the vehicle, safe operation, and observance of traffic control signs, barriers and devices.


Operating or parking a motor vehicle in any area other than a street, roadway, or parking lot intended for motor vehicles is prohibited.




  • Vehicles not registered.
  • Registration decals not properly affixed to vehicle.
  • Unauthorized possession of registration decals.
  • Falsification of registration information.
  • Illegal use, reproduction or alteration of a vehicle registration decal, or temporary parking permit


  • In No Parking areas, loading zones, or on grass.
  • In unauthorized areas.
  • In such a manner as to block or obstruct traffic, street, sidewalk, driveway, fire hydrant, building entrance or exit, or another vehicle.
  • In areas where curb is painted yellow or red or in areas not marked as a parking area with painted white lines.
  • Vehicles parked in such a manner as to prohibit the emptying of trash dumpsters will be towed away at the owner’s expense.
  • Disability parking violation, as defined by state law (e.g., an unauthorized use of a disabled parking space, ramp, plate, or placard; parking a vehicle so that a portion of the vehicle encroaches into a disabled parking space in a manner which restricts, or reasonably could restrict, a person confined to a wheelchair from exiting or entering a vehicle properly parked within the disabled parking space).
  • Each calendar day constitutes a separate offense for a vehicle parked in the same location in violation of these regulations.


  • Exceeding posted speed limit.
  • Excessive speed for existing conditions.
  • Failure to obey traffic control sign or signal.
  • Failure to obey police officer.
  • Operating vehicle without valid operator’s license.
  • Driving off of roadway or street.
  • Reckless driving and/or racing.
  • Failure to yield right-of-way at pedestrian crossing.
  • Leaving scene of accident.
  • Failure to signal turn or stop.
  • Following too closely.
  • Operating mechanically unsafe vehicle.
  • Driving while under the influence of alcohol or narcotics.
  • Operating vehicle causing loud or unnecessary noise, such as loud mufflers, horns, P.A. systems, etc.


Fines and Other Penalties

The fine for registration or parking violations is twenty-five ($25) dollars, except for the following violations:

  • Registration decal not properly affixed to a vehicle – twenty ($20) dollars;
  • Parking in no parking area or a loading zone – thirty ($30) dollars;
  • Parking in such a manner as to block or obstruct traffic, a street, a driveway, a fire hydrant, a building entrance or exit, or another vehicle – thirty ($30) dollars; the fine is twenty-five ($25) dollars for blocking a sidewalk.
  • Parking in an area where curb is painted red – forty ($40) dollars;
  • Parking in an area that is not marked as a parking area with painted white lines – twenty ($20) dollars;
  • Parking in such a manner as to prohibit the emptying of trash dumpster– thirty ($30) dollars and the vehicle will be towed;
  • The fine for a disability parking violation is set by State law, Tennessee Code Annotated section 55-21-108. As of July 1, 2008, the fine was set at two hundred ($200) dollars. The fine imposed under these regulations will increase or decrease automatically when increased or decreased by State law. The fine shall not be suspended or waived. In addition to the fine, not more than five (5) hours of community service work may be imposed. Any community service work requirements imposed shall be to assist the disabled community by monitoring disabled parking spaces, providing assistance to disability centers or to disabled veterans, or other such purposes.
  • Unauthorized possession of registration decals; falsification of registration information; and/or illegal use, reproduction, or alteration of registration decals – at the discretion of the University, up to two hundred dollars($200) per violation and restitution to the victim; or referral to City or General Sessions Court. University students and employees also may be subject to discipline under other University policies and procedures.

A person who commits a moving violation will be referred to City or General Session Court.

Disciplinary Action

Students who persist in violating these regulations or commit a single violation surrounded by aggravated circumstances will be referred to the Office of Student Affairs for disciplinary action.


If more than five citations are issued to a vehicle in one semester, the vehicle will be notified that it is subject to being towed. If, after this notification, the vehicle receives another citation during the same semester, the vehicle will be subject to towing for that citation and each subsequent citation for the remainder of that semester, even if the previous citations have been satisfied by paying fines or other penalties.


Any student having outstanding citations (citations which have not been paid) will not be allowed to register for further work until all such charges have been paid.


No transcripts or other information will be made available for such students who are seeking entrance into other institutions.



A citation for any type of parking violation must be paid or appealed within fourteen (14) calendar days after the issuance of the citation. Failure to pay or appeal a citation within fourteen (14) calendar days after issuance of the citation constitutes a separate violation of these regulations. If a fine is not paid or appealed within fourteen (14) calendar days after the issuance of the citation, a $20.00 late charge will be added.


Windshield notices and/or other methods of notification will be used to provide the owner of the vehicle with: (1) advance notice of the University’s intent to tow the owner’s vehicle as a result of the owner receiving more than five citations in one semester and (2) the owner’s right to a hearing. In the event the owner does not request a hearing or prevail at the hearing, his vehicle will be towed whenever it is next found upon the University property parked illegally.


Vehicles parked in a fire lane, designated disability parking space, reserved parking space, or in such manner as to impede the flow of traffic or disrupt the orderly affairs of the University may be towed/booted/impounded. Owners of vehicles towed/booted/impounded for the above reasons have a right to a hearing by a University official that will be provided on request prior to the payment of any tow charges, fines, and penalties. If tow charges, fines, or penalties are assessed after such hearing, impounded/towed/booted vehicles will be released upon proper identification and receipt of payment of all tow charges, fines, and penalties.



Appeals must be made within fourteen days of the date of citation issuance


Citations may be appealed to the Traffic Office and then to the Traffic Appeals Board. The Traffic Appeals Board, which is composed of faculty, staff and students, meets each semester. Citations appealed after fourteen (14) days of issuance must be appealed directly to the Traffic Appeals Board in writing and all fines and charges must be paid prior to the appeal, including late charges.



University streets or grounds may not be used by any firm, corporation, or unauthorized person for advertising or commercial purposes.


Pedestrian Regulations

Students, faculty and staff members must not endanger their safety or constitute an unreasonable impediment to lawful vehicular traffic by crossing streets at other than authorized lanes or by willfully walking or congregating in the streets.


Special Occasions and Emergencies

On special occasions, such as athletic events, concerts, and graduation exercises, and in emergencies, parking and traffic limitations may be imposed by the Department of Public Safety as required by the conditions which prevail.


Parking Information

All motor vehicles operated (utilized) by faculty, staff and students in connection with their employment or attendance at UT Martin must be registered at the UT Martin Department of Public Safety in Crisp Hall.

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Personal Property Inventory

The UT Martin Dept. of Public Safety would like to remind everyone maintaining an inventory of their personal property can help the appropriate authorities recover the property if it is lost or stolen.

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