Students will be charged a $25 fee for every course that is dropped after the 1st week of classes during regular semesters. Contact Business Affairs for fees that are charged for dropping during the summer semesters.

  • Students may register, add, or drop classes via their advisors or via the Web through the eighth week of class.
  • Students may drop classes via the Registrar's Office through the 8th week of the semester.
  • Students may withdraw from classes anytime from the 2nd week through the 8th week of classes (with a grade of W).
  • Please see the Important Dates web page for complete information concerning the dates for adding and dropping courses.
  • Courses may not be dropped after the first eight weeks of a semester unless it can be clearly demonstrated that one of the following exists:
      1. Serious illness or injury of the student as verified by the student health services or private physician
      2. Serious personal or family problems as verified by a minister, physician, or other appropriate professional
      3. Necessary change in work schedule which conflicts with the class being dropped, as verified by the student's employer submitted in writing on company letterhead.
  • In the event of such certification, and the approval of the student's advisor and the registrar, the student shall be permitted to drop and will receive a grade of W.
  • Under no circumstances may a course be dropped after the last day of class or after administration of the final exam, whichever occurs first.
  • A student will not be permitted to drop a course after the first eight weeks of the semester simply to avoid a poor grade.
  • Students dropping all of their course load during any semester are withdrawing from the university.
  • The withdrawal process is initiated by filling out the Withdrawal Form available thru the Student's Banner Self-Service.

If you have questions concerning the withdrawal process, contact Carah Hooten at:


Phone: (731) 881-7578



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