Name Changes

*Mailing Address: Office of Academic Records
103 Administration Building
Martin, TN 38238
Phone: (731) 881-7050
*Fax: (731) 881-7048
Contact Person: Sandra Brackett
More Information: sbracket@utm.edu


*When making a name change by fax, please include:

  • Student ID number or Social Security Number
  • Old Name
  • New Name
  • Signature
  • Notarized Signature or Copy of Driver's License
  • Copy of Legal Documentation that Verifies the Name Change as Legal


If you are a current or previous student worker it is your responsibility to contact Human Resources to update your name and address to ensure your tax information is correct.


Jul. 17

Last day to drop Sum II (POT3) classes w/o doc
All Day

Jul. 24

THEC cutoff
All Day

Aug. 07

Sum II (POT3) & Sum Full-Term (POT1) classes end Classes End
All Day

Aug. 07

Finals given last day of classes
All Day

Aug. 10

Sum II (POT3) & Sum Full-Term (POT1) grades due by 8:30AM
All Day

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