Secret Shopper Form

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Please Mail Completed Form To:

Brandy Cartmell, Registrar

103 Administration Building

Martin, TN 38238


Your Name and/or Relationship with UTM:


Date of Shopper's Visit:


Did Shopper Visit by Phone or in Person?


Name of Person Shopped:


Tone of Voice:


General Appearance:


How long did it take to be acknowledged?


If shopping by phone, how many rings did it take to be answered?

Who was the person on the other end?

Were they courteous?


Was the employee professional, courteous, and friendly?


Was the employee genuinely interested in your problem?


Was the employee knowledgeable in answering your questions or in finding someone who could answer your questions?


Did the employee smile at all during your interaction?

Was the employee's "body language" friendly?

If not, please give specific examples:


How do you rate the overall shopping experience?


Excellent, Hire More Like Her:



Okay, Except for:



Awful, Because of:



Additional Comments:


Apr. 27

I's to F's (Fall 2017)
All Day

Apr. 27

Spring Classes End
All Day

Apr. 28

Finals Begin
All Day

Apr. 30

Final Exams
All Day

May. 05

11:00 AM

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