Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee: 2014-2015

PURPOSE: The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee is responsible for reviewing and approving research and teaching protocols using non-human animals and to inspect facilities used to maintain them to ensure ethical treatment of animals by faculty and student researchers.


COMPOSITION: Director of Research, Grants, and Contracts, one (1) university veterinary technician, attending veterinarian serving on the faculty in the Department of Agriculture, Geosciences, and Natural Resources or designee (alternate CITI-trained university veterinarian permitted, if the attending veterinarian is absent or must recuse him/herself as PI on a protocol) ,and five (5) additional faculty members, one of whom shall come from a non-animal use background, representing at least three departments chosen by the Administrative Committee on Committees to serve six-year overlapping terms. In addition, one (1) public member independent of the university will represent general community interests in the proper care and use of animals and will be appointed to a one-year term as follows: the members of the committee shall compile a list of nominees acceptable to the full committee and submit it to the Director of Research, Grants and Contracts who, in consultation with the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, will select the community representative from the presented list. The chair of the Committee will be elected by the outgoing Committee.


REPORTING CHANNEL: Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs



*Dr. Joan West, Director of Research, Grants, and Contracts
*Ms. Erica Carroll, Veterinary Technician
Dr. Jason Roberts, UTM Veterinarian (2015)
Dr. Donna Byers, Faculty Representative (2019)
Ms. Denise Connell, Faculty Representative, Chair (2016)
Dr. Jessica Hill, Faculty Representative (2020)
Dr. Brad Ray, Faculty Representative (2017)
Ms. Cindy West, Faculty Representative (non-animal use background) (2018)
Ms. Marlow Peters, Community Representative (2015)

(*Indicates ex-officio member of the Committee)


Upcoming meeting dates:
September 11th
October 9th
November 6th
January 15th
February 12th
March 19th
April 9th

All meetings will be held at 4:00 in the first floor conference room of the Administration Building.

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