Basic Components of a Proposal

I. Summary - clearly and concisely summarized the request

II. Introduction - describes the agency's qualifications or "creditability"

III. Problem Statement or Needs Assessment - documents the needs to be met or problems to be solved by the proposed funding

IV. Objectives - establishes the benefits of the funding in measurable terms

V. Methods - describes the activities to be employed to achieve the desired results

VI. Evaluation - presents a plan for determining the degree to which objectives are met and methods are followed

VII. Future or Other Necessary Funding - describes a plan for continuation beyond the grant period or the availability of other resources necessary to implement the grant

VIII. Budget - clearly delineates costs to be met by the funding source and those to be provided by the applicant or other parties

Resources for Grant Writing

UT Martin pays a membership to access the services of the Grants Resource Center. The GRC is a service provided for member institutions of the American Association of State Universities and Colleges.

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Beginning in fiscal year 2013, SAMHSA discretionary grant applications must be submitted electronically through

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