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Dr. Devenyi

To me personally, the Reagan Leave was a treasured and meaningful way to renew my dedication and energy to my teaching and working with students. The Macromolecular research group that I worked in the Center of Nanophase Materials Sciences at Oak Ridge National Laboratory gave me freshly gained insight into the most recent developments in my area, organic and polymer chemistry. It certainly provided a deeper understanding of spectrometric and other, newly implemented methods of analyses of materials and definitely strengthened my course materials. The opportunity to be able to work on a year-long research project greatly helped me in updating my lecture notes to better reflect the current state of modern chemistry and other research areas such as nanotechnology and materials science. There is no substitute to working in a strictly research environment on cutting-edge research projects that ultimately enhanced my ability to better understand the modern chemistry, and through that, served my students and colleagues in the department. The main goal of enhancing our students' learning and understanding of sciences and to provide high academic standards, to engage in scholarship and to stimulate both creative and analytical thinking, that is, to provide quality education for undergraduates was, in my opinion, very well served through the Reagan Leave. Dr. Jozsef Devenyi, Professor of Chemistry


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