Faculty Teaching and Learning Communities

To capitalize on the role of faculty in student success and to promote dialogue and research about effective teaching, UT Martin instituted a peer mentoring program (i.e. Faculty Learning Communities) based upon the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) model.


The FLCs will mirror SoTL in supporting “the development of a scholarship of teaching and learning that: fosters significant, long-lasting learning for all students; enhances the practice and profession of teaching; and brings to faculty members' work as teachers the recognition and reward afforded to other forms of scholarly work.”


While one of the outcomes of the FLCs will be to provide individual and group support for the new faculty, another outcome is for the group to produce a scholarly work individually or as a group around an agreed upon theme.

Faculty Learning Community Program Coordinator:

Dr. Bonnie Daniel

Dr. Bonnie Daniel

Instructional Technology Center

248 Meek Library






Abstracts of SoTL Projects

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Dr. Charley Deal, Executive Director