Research Program Checklist

Date received in RGC ___________

1. Full-time faculty
2. First Time Applicant
3. Received a Faculty Research Grant in past five years.
4. Submitted for publication, presentation, or external grant information

Application: 1 original, 1 email attachment (MS Word) of completed proposal and accompanying documents to Dr. Charley Deal at by March 1.

Proposal Guidelines

Type: 10 or 12 pitch, Courier or Times New Roman
Spacing: Single spaced in body of sections; double-spaced to divide sections
Justification: Left justified, 5 spaces indented paragraphs
Page limit: 3 pages maximum, front only

Proposal Content

Abstract (250 words maximum)
Rationale for Project (Including Introduction, Problem Statement, and Significance of Research)
Objectives (Measurable)
Scope of work (include timeline)
Budget and Budget Narrative
Key Personnel-Attached to original in RGC office

Required Attachments: (i.e., abbreviated vita, supporting documentation for study)

I have screened and checked the applications solely for the purpose of research integrity to the guidelines.

RGC Personnel                                                           Date