I. Summary

Clearly and Concisely Summarizes the Request

1. Appears at the beginning of the proposal

2. Identifies the grant applicant

3. Includes at least one sentence on credibility

4. Includes at least one sentence on problem

5. Includes at least on sentence on objectives

6. Includes at least one sentence on methods

7. Includes total cost, funds already obtained and amount requested in this proposal

8. Is brief

9. Is clear

10. Is interesting

Institutional Review Board Application

Submit this application for approval of projects involving human research subjects.

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1st Floor Conference Room Form

Submit this form to reserve the 1st floor conference room.

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The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) published guidance on December 26, 2014 titled Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards (Uniform Guidance). This new guidance as well as additional information (including webcasts, crosswalks of previous and new guidance, and FAQs) can be found at

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