Technology Program Application Form
Please fill this form out on your screen. Submit a completed application package (signed application, proposal, and required attachments) in hard copy to the ORGC and email a copy of the proposal and required attachments to the ORGC by March 1. The electronic copy should be submitted as an email attachment in Microsoft Word to Dr. Charley Deal at by the March 1 deadline.

To be considered, the grant package must contain (a) the completed application, (b) a 3-page proposal (maximum) following the Proposal Guidelines, and (c) one (1) copy of the flier/information announcing the activity (e. g., course, seminar, workshop, etc.). Grant recipients are required to send a Progress Report by December 1 and an End Report by July 30 to the Office of Research, Grants, and Contracts. The Grant Award Period is between July 1 and June 15 of the next fiscal year.


Have you previously received a faculty development technology grant within the last 5 years?

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If yes, in the Proposal Narrative, provide information regarding outcomes or results of each award for Faculty Development Technology grant received.

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(maximum $1,000 per faculty member)

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Technology Training
Computer hardward/software
Technology Conference/Workshop/Seminar

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